How do you want the staff to play?

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What role do you like the staff to have in a server?

  1. Plays the same as players with just management power.

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  2. Full power but does not play with players.

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  1. Trying to figure out peoples viewpoints on how staff should play on servers on which they manage.
  2. In my opinion very few individuals have the self control to not abuse their power so normally admins on servers i run are bared from playing and things like that, if they want to play they do it on an alt account or something like that which has no perms
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  3. latiku


    I ran a server quite a while ago, my hierachy was the following:

    • Helpers: Permission to mute for any duration, could temporarily ban players to the extent of 10 minutes
    • Moderators: Could permanently ban players, pardon players, godmode, vanish. Still able to play game as a regular player, had a very advanced system for detecting abuse.
    • Administrators: First of the staff tree to receive creative, and are exempt from viewing others IP addresses through /seen. Had a plethora of permissions, and was only given out to trusted moderators when the time was proper. Was not allowed to play as a regular player.
    • Owner: *
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  4. It seems silly to prevent players from playing on the server if they are accepted for staff. In my opinion, that's just an incentive not to apply. They'll get bored really fast.
    They should only have the permissions they need, and you should enable some form of logging.
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  5. I have a private realm and a public server. In the main server, It's prohibited for staff to abuse there powers to change the game play for themselves or others. In the realm, I have very similar plugins and they can op themselves to do what ever they'd like as long as they don't crash the server. I feel this is the best way to keep staff interested and not abuse there powers.

  6. &dHelper - This is the first staff rank that players can apply for. These players must be active, help on the server/community and be mature. Access to /kick, /warn and /tempmute

    &aModerator - Mod is given to players who play a LOT, are mature, and can be trusted to deal with rule breakers frequently. They get /ban, /tempban and /mute.

    &eSrMod - A trial rank to see if the player is worthy for admin. Same permissions as mod and also help new mods.

    &cAdmin - Admin is given to the who is extremely active, are very mature, and who are deemed trustable by other Admins.

    &6Manager - Staff-Manager is a special rank given only to Admins who have excelled in their position as staff. This rank can only be obtained personally by the owner. They have access to server lockdown, togglechat and unban.

    &4Co-Owner / Developer - Second Highest ranks players can get on the server. CoOwner(s) help run the server with the Owner(s) whilst the developer(s) make plugins for the server.

    &4Owner - Highest rank obtainable on the server and has permission to everything on the server.