How does the scoreboard system work.

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  1. Hello. guys i am adding a scoreboard to my plugin i am just wondering if someone can give me some information on how the system works.

    I have noticed there is a mainScoreboard and ones that it seems you can create.
    What is the difference and how would you tell what SB the player has.
    Also do scoreboards that your create on the server save in the server as it seems i still have the board even after a rest and the pluign not on.

    Any information on the scoreboard system will be appreciated.
  2. Hey!

    I don`t know how to describe how the "system" works.
    But there are two types of scoreboards:
    - One you send on packets
    - another one

    I don`t know what you would like to create...
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  3. I would suggest you take a look at some helpful documentation. Such as this one.
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