How does this work?

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  1. Okay, so I see people saying to hire YouTubers with less subscribers and less views compared to people with tons of views Ex. SkyDoesMinecraft, and I was wondering "Why do people recommend YouTubers with less views and subs to hire to record on servers to get people? Wont YouTubers with more subs and views have a higher chance of bringing people compared to smaller channels?"

    Can someone explain how this works?
  2. Easy.

    More bang for your buck. There is a marginal gap of how much a "big" youtuber cost to a considerably smaller one.
  3. Bigger YouTubers generally charge more in terms of views per $, only because they are more widely known. It's comparable to buying something that is advertised heavily versus something which is not, yet still of comparable quality (i.e. Apple vs any other company).
    Meaning, the sum of smaller YouTubers compared to one large YouTuber will cost less per view, and more than likely be more effective in general because smaller YouTubers tend to interact with their audience more than the larger ones.