How does VRACK might affect preformance on Dedicated Servers

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  1. Hey, I was about to buy a dedicated server for hosting on EU and I want to know, how does the vrack speed affects the preformance, because by default it has 10mbps vrack and for $21 extra i can get a 1gbps vrack, is it worthit?
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    If you're not using vRack, it's pointless (if you're using only a single server, or are not sure what vRack is, you're not using it)
  3. A vRack is a local (virtual) network in the datacenter. It's used to create local networks (if I'm correct). There is absolutely not a single point in having a vRack if you only have a single server. A vRack is handy for:

    • Having a public access point server (for example, Minecraft)
    • And a LAN database server (which is not accessible for the public, only from within the vRack, thus increasing performance AND security)
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  4. So, if I have just one dedicated server is useless right?
  5. Yes. It's used to safely and quickly connect multiple machines. If you don't have multiple machines, it's pointless. Buying the 1gb vRack allows a 1gbit connection between your vRack servers. There is no point in buying the vRack in your case (assuming you only have a single server)
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