How edit/translate a plugin?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I've a problem, I need to translate a plugin but I don't know how..
    I have downloaded Java-editor but I don't know how to rewrite the code.
    The extension is in .class.

    It's possible to translate ?

    Thank for your answers!

    PS: Sorry for my bad english..
  2. Jdgui.. But u can copy and paste the code and try to edit it.. but people don't like that and it is illegal too.
    You should make your own :3
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  3. Can you explain me how it's work please ? :)
  4. Simple.. download it.. then open a jar.. it allows you to view the code.. then just copy all it and paste it into a new project..
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  5. Sorry really, but I can not seem to edit ? Could I have a little more explanation ?
  6. It would be much simpler, faster, better and more reliable if you just ask to author to add a config file for the plugin, so each server owner can change sent messages individually to feed the server.
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  7. He's inactive...
    I'm lucky, it's work in 1.8 but it's a plugin 1..7
  8. You either need to decompile the plugin or get the source code, edit it, and then compile it
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  9. Do you have any tutorial or video to do this?
    Because it's my first time..
  10. I found this video on how to do it.
    do not use the same package name as him and if the drag craftbukkit/spigot thing does not work watch this video [ from 1:40 to 2:55 using this -- as the api.
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  11. For edit plugins - JDgui
    For translate - InClassTranslate
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  13. Yaaaw magnificent constructive response. Thank you to others.
  14. Do you have a link for this?
  15. Use Eclipse!
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  16. Yes I use eclipse but I don't understand, so I've downloaded InClassTranslator and it's work perfectly! Thank you for your answer.