How good is SoYouStart?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm planning to start a network this summer, and I know I'll be needing dedicated hosting. I'm aware that SoYouStart has some deep connection with OVH, but I wanted to know, what is that connection? Do they just resell OVH directly? If so, they're pretty open about it.

    My other question is, do they offer direct Multicraft panel support? I'm not adept with Linuxs whatsoever, so I'd prefer to use Multicraft for the entire dedicated server, as cheesy as that sounds. Would I need to purchase my own license or would they provide Multicraft directly upfront like shared hosting providers do?

    - BadNode
  2. SoYouStart is a subcompany of OVH.

    OVH only sells you the machine and provides you with a selection of OS templates, you still need to setup Multicraft yourself.
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  3. Or by letting do it something else
  4. Would you say I'd need to know Linux in order to run it? My plan was to pay a friend of mine to setup Multicraft, and I'd keep him on (paid) to fix any crashes, or anything with Linux. Also, do I need to be able to run Linux off my desktop?
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    You 100% need to know linux before renting a server with any unmanaged dedicated server provider. I've seen so many people hire people to manage their server and it almost always ends out badly, either the person quitting after a while or them abusing access.
  6. Alright, so I have zero Linux experience. What would you recommend? I know I need a dedicated server, and I don't mind buying one from a smaller provider, and it being resold, as long as it performs well, doesn't crash, and has DDoS protection.
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    Take time to learn some basics first? Maybe buy a very cheap VPS to play around and Google how to do basic things.
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  8. If you're using Windows 10, you could enable a developer feature: wsl, which adds linux support and a bash terminal that you could work with locally, or you could VirtualBox a Linux distro. You don't need to waste money on a VPS if youre just going to be practicing
  9. It's smarter to use virtualbox
  10. SYS seemed fine when I was using it.