How hard would it be to make this?

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  1. So recently I've gotten an idea (although it may not be very original) for a plugin for my server. I run a KitPvP server and a few of the best PvP'ers where asking me if there would be a way for some sort of point system, so I got an idea.

    The idea: A plugin that has a point system, each player registers into the system and gets 500 points. These points would be their "Rank" I would then have different divisions, for example:
    Code (Text):
    if int: yourPoints>750
    then: yourRank = Gold
    So basically when players gain enough points they move up a rank, and when they lose too many points, they go down a rank. It sounds pretty easy, but I have an even bigger idea.

    I want to then have players be able to enter a Queque, where they get pared up against players that are more or less equal to their rank. The point spread would be 50, so players that have 500 points wold not be playing against players with 1000 points. When players go into the queque they are fighting for a random number (20-50) points, and that number is chosen completely random. And the player that loses, loses 20 points, no matter what, nothing will change how much the losing player loses.

    Also when a player queques up, they get assigned an arena randomly, there would be around 5-15 arenas

    I plan on having different "Seasons" for this, so being able to reset points would be helpful.

    I found a plugin that might be able to help me out, and I could use Fe economy for the point system.

    If I where to get this plugin made, how difficult do you think it would be? I don't want to get quoted too much for it, I want to see how feasible it would be to make this type of plugin
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  2. Teg


    Doesn't seem too difficult to make.
  3. Seems pretty easy if you know Java & BukkitAPI.
  4. NullBlox


    like this idea, but make it compatble with pvp arena and mob arena for your random arenas etc. Just a thought :)
  5. Thanks for the idea!
  6. Why should the winner get a random amount of points? In a system like this (similar to ELO), you don't want any luck to be involved.

    It should either be 50 points 100% of the time, OR have it be dynamic based on the amount of points the enemy has. (more points if they're "better" than you, less points if they're "worse")
  7. I currently have @redfrosting doing this plugin for free, so I don't want it to get to complicated. That was my original idea, and yes I wanted it to be similar to ELO

    If there is an easy way to have it based on the enemies skill be the major factor in how many points you win/lose please let me know!
  8. NullBlox


    Will this plugin go public? Hear talk of it being made.
  9. Who else is talking about it? And as I said @redfrosting is making it, it's all up to him if he wants it to go public or not, the only way it would not go public is if redfrosting decided he wanted to work with me for my server.

    All up to him
  10. Dat hint tho :p
  11. I'm keeping this private, for anyone curious
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  12. NullBlox


    "I currently have @redfrosting doing this plugin for free," Is what I meant by talk of it.
    An I was wondering cause It sounds like a plug I would use in future. I dont even have pvp arena or mob arena. Just feel this plug would give me more of a reason to add them type of plugs. Not trying to clutter up this post.
  13. so pretty much like ranked pvp on ? (elo ranked system)
  14. No, it's fine! And yeah you could talk with @redfrosting if you want to possibly use it, he's super awesome for doing this for me!

    Pretty much, with a bunch of my ideas added.
  15. NullBlox


    Ill look into that and thanks!