How i can make MiniGame plugin

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  1. hello everyone.

    I am making plugins 2 years and and now I want learn making MiniGame.
    I would like someone who have a lot of experience tell me how I can learn. The person who will tell me "Go learn Java" I prefer leave this thread because I post this thread to ask help.

  2. To make a minigame, you should start using an API like MinigamesLib.

    Later, you can use a standalone minigame plugin to guide yourself in the minigames world.

    Or use any of the available guides. Search them on Google.
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  3. 1. Write a API (Database streaming, game handlers, etc)
    2. Front-end development for things like events, commands, etc.
    3. Testing and de-bugging.
    4. Perfect and release. ;) (I recommend properly posting the resource on github also.)
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  4. Using a minigame library would not teach him how to write one AT ALL.

    I learned a lot from watching this series.
  5. I highly encourage you to play around with Events that you would typically see in a minigame. Grow slowly but surely, Spigot is here to help you along the way, There are thousands of people who would be very happy to see you grow,

    Please Do not watch Him, He will teach you nothing, I personally learned most of my stuff from @Envici, Watching him code on private skype calls, and watching his old videos which I believe no longer exist. He Learned from And he has taught me a lot also.
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  6. It works as a start minigame. Then you learn how to make a minigame without any dependencies. At least I learned to do them in that way.
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  7. ask to youtube
  8. :D :D :D :D I AM PRO

    i help you
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  9. Your welcome :D
  10. You can use your programming level now. It bestest!
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  11. Think logically. That's my best advice!
    Use your java experience to create what you want. Use everything you have learnt so far!