How important is a server queue plugin?

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    When and what circumstances should a server owner begin utilizing a queue plugin for the server?

    Is a queue plugin very important if the server has a certain amount of regular players?
    How important exactly?
  2. Have you thought about possibly raising the player limits? A queue isnt the best solution always.
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    it's not a predicament that i'm currently facing. i'm asking simply to acquire competence.
  4. Generally queues only cause problems and frustrations, if you need more capacity, you get it.
  5. Generally, it's not. The only case you may need it - if you're trying to create a survival server with one giant map and huge online, but even there you may consider some workarounds, like splitting the world into sections with server-server communication; there's an interesting tool for those purposes (that I didn't try myself tho) - MultiPaper. Please note that there's much more options to deal with survival servers without giant maps, like using multiple maps and, well, multiple servers for each of those.
    For other game types you don't need queue at all. As @Jokni said - it's just frustrating for players.
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  6. Agreed with the above. Queues are just plain awful. The only situation I would see a useful need on queues is if and only if you currently do not have the resources to support a player base. Then, as a backup plan, you can add a queue to keep servers running at an optimal condition. However, if this happens often, this means you need to start looking into upgrades.

    For example, Hypixel:

    They use queues whenever they get an excessive amount of players that they believe that amount of players will cause issues. Then, they put up a queue to help the performance. Though, after a while, you will notice Hypixel can support more players. Such as, queues used to begin at 100k(ish), but then there are often more than 100k players on hypixel now without queues, since they increased their machine count.