How is theminecrafthosting?

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  1. Hi guys i am looking for a host for my server and i came up wtih this site It is in enjin suggested host list and the prices are really wery good.

    I am wondering if anyone of you have purcahesed their host before for minecraft? How are they? Any comments?
  2. Just from looking at the site I would not recommend, I would recommend a much more known and a lot more reputable host such as Shockbyte who offer the same pricing but actually with a high quality. I haven't used the one you linked but I have used Shockbyte and can vouch for them.
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    I have heard mixed reviews from that company. I personally wouldn't trust them.

    Hosts I'd recommend are:

    Now if you're looking for a VPS or dedicated server to host minecraft servers, I'd recommend:
    More info here if interested:
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  4. I checked out the hosthorde and saw their ultimate plan. Is it really unlimeted as they claim to be?
  5. Well i recommend CubedHost, it cost 10 usd per gb but them offer alot, and them custom control panel who is in public pre-release now, u get multicraft first as default but u can change to thems new panel

    I have used CubedHost for 3 years now
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  6. I'd recommend Mcprohosting if you want to start a server but don't know how to do it quite yet. If you are more of a experienced server owner you could get away with a cheaper host that doesnt quite give you the support like the more expensive hosts. I'd recommend using Shockbyte, Anvilnode or you can use Skynode of course ;)
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  7. AngelRani


    Yes and no. If you click the AUP link underneath the plan, it will give you more information.
  8. Since when do we recommend GGServers & McProHosting? :eek:
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    Tigernode or Hosthorde are two that I've used in the past that have great performance. I recommend of the two as it performed slightly better than hosthorde.
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  10. I'm using a dedicated Kimsufi box at the moment, but I can vouch for Hosthorde. Their unlimited plan gives you 6gb to start off and increases allocation if you're using it all up.
  11. OMGServ has good prices too, and I've used it, just saying!
  12. I wouldn't recommend you go around suggesting companies like GGServers. They are fairly disliked on here for the bad service they provide :p

    @emalper Stay away from theminecrafthosting. A while ago they were claiming that they were collecting money for UFO research? Here's an archived page I found about that:
    Seems extremely shady and I wouldn't even go near them.
  13. TheMinecraftHosting is extremely untrustable

    If you want to setup your own machine, cheaply, so you can host a minecraft server, web server, etc. I suggest OVH, or Contabo.
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    I never said you did. I said I did, but since I am getting quoted a few times for having GGServers on there, I will take that one off. I am keeping McProHosting on there though.
  15. McProHosting is ok but way too overpriced for the hardware you're getting.
    They run on E5-2630v3's which is okay but they have low clock speeds (2.4Ghz) and are definitely not worth +-$10/gb.
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    You can run servers on 2.4GHz just fine. A faster speed might help a little with lag, but the processor isn't the only thing to look at. To be honest, I wouldn't even recommend getting shared Minecraft hosting anyways, but since everyone wants it for some odd reason, I give my opinion on shared hosting companies. I personally would recommend using a VPS or dedicated server to run Minecraft servers on.
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  17. Enjin's "recommended" list is just a list of people with coupon codes that have them redeemed a lot. That means nothing.

    I would go with a smaller host that's big enough not to collapse, owned by someone responsible and is backed with pretty good quality hardware. You'll find good support at such a host (since your custom should be more important to them), and the performance should be good, especially since servers won't be overloaded.

    As far as the host in the OP, I don't know it, but I wouldn't personally use it.
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  18. The exact opposite of your statement is true. Minecraft is a mostly single threaded game. The individual speed of a core is extremely important. Most people on this site tend to recommend dedicated hosting. I've seen, too often, people looking for hosting and being automatically referred to OVH.

    If you are not an experienced sysadmin, or cannot afford one, you should not use a dedicated server. You'll be following tutorials to set up and secure everything and end up losing your data or being hacked, or facing other issues either immediately or later down the road. Use a shared server host that takes that burden away and does it properly. It lets you focus more on your product rather than the infrastructure, a key reason why startups love AWS. Shared hosting can also be a bit cheaper.

    If you have someone that knows what they are doing and dedicated hosting is going to be cheaper in the foreseeable future, then by all means go for it.

    Edit: For clarification, clock speed is not the only factor in single threaded performance, but generally CPUs that have high single threaded performance *will* have higher clock speeds.
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    I never said clock speed wasn't important. I said the processor isn't the only thing to look at. Like I said above, you can run servers on 2.4GHz just fine. A faster speed would be nice, but isn't necessarily needed.

    Also, OVH isn't bad. I use a couple VPS services from OVH myself and have no issues. For those with little experience with running Minecraft servers on a VPS, there's plenty of guides out there to help them with the setup. Also, a few Google searches can help them with securing their VPS some. (Btw, I also didn't say they had to use a dedicated server. A VPS works perfectly fine as well.)
    Now if they're extremely new to Linux, then I wouldn't suggest trying to run a Minecraft server on it anyways until they've have at least a little time to gain the basics of Linux. How long that takes depends on the the distro being used. (I say Linux, because I would never suggest running Minecraft servers on Windows.)
  20. hypixel uses Multiplay Gameservers for their individual servers, and MCProHosting for their BungeeCor

    EDIT: Sorry not McPro SingleHop
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