How long do your plugins take?

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  1. Plugins, plugins and more plugins. Bassically, I'm working on a plugin, and things are taking longer than thought, so I was wondering..

    Just like the title already says, how much time do your plugins take?
  2. It really depends. It can take weeks if it's a big plugin, or it can take a few minutes if it's a very simple plugin.
  3. With a few years of experience, I managed to create a complex framework for my server in a week which if I had only a few months of experience, it would have taken months to develop this framework. It all depends on
    A) Complexity
    B) Experience
    C) Workspace (how fast can you go from exporting into actually testing it)
    D) Knowing to debug
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  4. For me.. im 2 weeks new with bukkit and java and a simple plugin like making a complex system for /wild, /setspawn, /spawn for multiple worlds (which i made last week) took a few days, i dont have many hours in my day of sitting in front of my computer.. (this was my first plugin :p)
  5. Depends on size.
  6. It really depends, but if you are inexperienced and just jumped into Bukkit without learning Java it is going to take a lot longer.
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  7. That is the mistake I made, I learned of TheBCBroz and pogo which used static and I picked up the habit without knowing it was bad,, finally I overcame it. i started developing plugins when I was 12 and know I am 15 and know exactly what im doing. I used to be like help, my plugin doesnt work, and it was a simple error of casting something without checking if it was instanceof or didnt have null chcks or even if I had if(args[0].equalsIgnoreCase) without checking the length of the array. Aaah the old times where my plugins contained only one class, now I have a llt of plugins with 100+clases.
  8. Simple Plugin - 1 hour max
    Medium - 1 - 2 days max.
    BIG Plugin - 1 week or so

    Currently, i am working on a BIG CTF plugin, which is pretty big as i have been coding it for over 1 month now.
  9. If you know some java its a lot easier, because you can think in java. Like oh i want to make fancy stuff, well what do i need for it, blahblah. Its just recommended to learn some java to make the progress better
  10. Well, it's not that I don't know Java. It's more that I am not familiar with the Bukkit API. But it's alright, it just takes time..
  11. Well, when you have a deadline you have to do it fast :p
  12. Just wanted to say, static is not bad. Bukkit would be bad too, even System would be bad. You just need to know how and when to use it. I think you ment to say was; "I didn't used static in the good way."
  13. It really depends how experienced you are and what kind of plugin you're making.
  14. I havent used a single instance of static except for an api
  15. I had about 1 year of Java and Bukkit experience and it takes me about 3 weeks to create a fully stable minigame.
  16. I think making the plugin is not what takes long, when the plugin is made you need to fix all bugs you find, thats the real long task to do. Depending of the plugin it can take from minutes to weeks.
  17. Dependencies would be knowledge, experience and the plugin it's self. If you have designed the plugin well (which the design may change in the development stage) then all you are really doing is inputting information (the design) as code/data to compile. Coding is the easy part, it is patching the bugs that is the hard part.
  18. It really depends on the plugin itself; more/complex features = more time
    I can make small plugins in a few minutes, but I've been working on a big one for years now.
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  19. Years............................ what r u making a new spigot inside of spigot? XD or are you including the updates you make to it