How long does it normally take for [email protected] to repond to your email

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  1. I emailed them so i am just curious
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  2. It says
  3. Just wait. They will answer soon.
  4. They never answered and its Jun 16 your post was Jun 7
  5. Can someone maybe staff at Spigot please help because i want to open a dispute for something for not being as advertised but i can't without permission and the email i got won't reply
  6. Dude just jump on IRC chat or something. Spigot community could most likely help.
  7. Literally click the "chat" button at the top of the page.
  8. They might not respond because they might think it's not worth their time, or their inbox is just filled with other emails they got too overwhelmed.
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  9. I recently bought something today that wasn't as described i want my money back i want to dispute so this is a problem. Also not sure if any staff are on the irc/teamspeak whatever it is.
  10. I doubt you will have any luck with it, but good luck! :)
  11. Yeah because if i don't get permission i will get banned for disputing.
  12. Yeah, I really doubt that a plugin page with a "Description" header is not described...
    The description clearly says:
    I really think you didn't read the entire page, so don't say it wasn't described because the plugin has 33 downloads and you're the first one that thinks it is an auto-translator.

    After this, I'll probably add a big disclaimer, but if you read it carefully, you would know what the plugin is about. And if you weren't sure yet, you could have contacted me through email, Discord, Skype, etc.
  13. Earlier this year I didnt know how to get to the IRC because no one says chat, only IRC, when the page says chat. You are also making yourself look immature saying that

    wait how do you know what he bought?
  14. He bought my plugin...

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  15. Oh, ok. I was so confused lmao