How Long Have You Played Minecraft?

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  1. Making my first post on here and curious how long everyone has been playing minecraft :D
    12 years here!
  2. Ever since the first release on an xbox 360, dont remember how long ago that was.
  3. I've been playing since 1.5/early 2013
  4. I started playing during beta back in 2011 (you could get cheap minecraft alpha keys for less than 10 bucks back than, I wish I had bought more accounts :rolleyes:)
    However, I quit a couple months later and eventually came back to Minecraft somewhat recently, when 1.12 was out - a few weeks before the aquatic update dropped.
  5. I started in 2015 I think
  6. Started 11 years ago! My excitement towards Minecraft certainly faded after 1.11, because of both the state of the game and from being very busy irl, but I'm definitely loving it again at the moment and looking forward to what's to come :)
  7. Since I was 9, 9 years ago
  8. Dang i must be old!! i've been playing it since the beta days!
  9. I've been playing mcpe from 2018 I guess, always thought minecraft was sht because of online knowing the singleplayer. After learning about mc java at 2020 june I should say java edition is actually fun with multiplayer. I know mcpe got multiplayer but I'd say java edition was quiet fun.
  10. 2011, a few days before the release of beta 1.5. I remember because that was the update which added weather, and I remember being terrified of the thunderstorms.
  11. I've played for about 6 years now. I started off with Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.8.1!
  12. I think about 11 years here. Played during that phase when the Steves walked all funny. Arms flailing everywhere!
  13. around 2011
  14. The flashbacks.. Started back in 2012, after my friend introduced the game to me. I remember finding it impossible to believe he managed to remember all the recipes back then. :LOL:
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  15. From about 1.9
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