How Many GBs?

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  1. Hello.

    I am wanting to run a server with 25 plugins, a 7 mod modpack (four of them are big), and let's go with an average of 15-25 players.
    • How many GBs should be the minimum? (Meaning how many GBs in order for the server to run. Doesn't have to run smoothly)
    • How many GBs should I purchase? (So that the game can run smooth according to the information above)

    I already have a hosting site. Please do not give me recommendations for that, lol.
    Thanks :)
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  2. You will at least 8gb. Runned a server quiche mods by my self.
  3. At least 8? There are only 7 mods lol.
  4. electronicboy

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    as above, memory isn't everything; With mods it's generally that you'll overload the CPU before you have a large memory usage over a few GBs... Start with like 2-4G, if you need more, add more
  5. What the living hell.. 8gbs? Thats insane..
    3-4 Gbs is perfect, I ran 46 plugins, 20 players at 19.6 tps on 2.5gb if im right,
  6. 19.6 is quite bad.
  7. 19.6 tps... isn't bad at all? Seeing how there are servers running at 18 - 16... I mean, it was a example of how little you need, i think for the stats i had 19.6 tps was nice, seeing how i never felt any block lag or command lag,
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  8. Start small like 4gb, If it starts to lag just go up to 5, 6 etc. Like climbing a ladder
  9. Try with 4. Upgrade if necesary.
  10. Start with 4GB and upgrade if needed. Note that a high RAM amount does not necessarily mean a fast server - it all depends on the other hardware.

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