How many new player joins do you receive daily?

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  1. Hey,

    How many unique player joins do you receive on your server daily? These are new unique players joining your server, not recurring players joining the next day.

    My server,, receives on average 800 unique player joins daily. We are a server of 200 players peak at weekends.
  2. Well, I own Hypixel, Mineplex, HiveMC and, the best one here, Skyblocky. I get an average of 999 quadrillion new players each day!
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  3. Well I own Skyblocky, so first I'd like you to address me as His Grace, Aschorren of House Spoof, King of the Spoof, and the First Spoofers.

    I receive approximately 25,000,000 unique joins per day (everyone who has bought Minecraft, and then some people buy Minecraft just to play Skyblocky).
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  4. N/A
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  5. EliteDuck


    About 1-3 new people per server per day.
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  6. about 80-200
  7. MiniDigger


    Maybe you guys could add your avg player count as reverence ;)
  8. Dacon


    Around 800-1000
  9. I own FootBallCraftnet we get like 10 ish.
  10. JamesJ

    Supporter racks in about 30 unique joins a day.
  11. 3
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  12. Like 5 probably lmao
  13. Flame:
    About 400-500 on a peak day.

    About 750-1000.
  14. GG
  15. 0.1-0.2 on a good week
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  16. Depends on how much my alt scraper has gotten.