How many people use Ubuntu or linux as main OS for their computer?

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How many people use linux vs windows

  1. I use Windows

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  2. I use Linux

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  1. I'm just wondering how many people use linux vs windows
  2. I previously used Arch Linux as my main operating system, and I have to say, it's an amazing OS overall.
    It's fast, slick, easy to use (if you know a bit) but has absolutely no game support. My first reason to go to Windows again was PKHeX and then it was more games when I started getting the taste for that again.
    If you wish a linux OS, I definitely recommend Arch Linux. If you cannot be arsed setting it up, use Apricity for rolling updates, or if you're scared of instability, use Manjaro.
  3. Thanks I'm not playing a lot of steam games anymore and I usually work on my Minecraft Server and I was thinking I could switch over to linux.
  4. I use Ubuntu, Ubuntu is life. Ubuntu now, Ubuntu Forever.
    I use Ubuntu due to the freedom and "security" of Linux.
    For me it's a better development environment, the reason I started was due to TensorFlow not being supported on Windows.
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  5. windows. i like ubuntu/linux though because it allows you to do more things than windows (command line methods ;))
  6. Gaxan


    I use windows primarily since I play a lot of games, but have an ubuntu dual boot.

    Why Ubuntu? It's the only Linux OS that would actually install alongside windows on a m.2 nvme without consuming my life.
  7. macOS mostly

    But Linux over Windows definitely. Windows is the worst
  8. Windows 7 until it stops being practical, then onward to Linux for everything. 10 is a nightmare.
  9. Gaxan


    That depends on what you want to do with the OS. Each one is better than the other in some aspect.
    To say one is the worst, is not a very researched opinion as each shines in its own field.
  10. Gaxan


    I didn't like 10 at first, but it grows on you and is far better than 8. I really dislike 8.
    They did improve the bottleneck on graphics from 7 to 10 for gaming among a few other things.
    Took me over a month to get used to 10, especially since I use 7 at work.
    At least we aren't stuck with Windows ME.
  11. No I've used both extensively and I'll stick with my opinion. Using Windows is painful. And they could not careless about your privacy with them hiding all the anti privacy fields so you don't turn them off which really annoys me

    The only good thing about windows is the game support.
  12. BananaPuncher714


    Why to use Windows:
    • Game support
    • Because everyone else does too and most things run on windows
    Windows 7 is better than windows 10. Windows 10 uses more ram for slightly faster loading but isn't as good. Linux is still the best overall.

    Why to use Linux:
    • Totally configurable
    • Free
    • The power of the command line!!!
    • Faster than windows
    • Automate things easily
    • Has almost everything
    Ubuntu is the full pack of all the basic programs that an average user will need. Debian is like a blank slate for you to install what you want and nothing else. The only downside of Linux is no game support. But, you can run a lot of Windows programs with WINE. Servers should be run on Linux and games should be played from Windows.
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  13. WAS


    Windows 10 specifically uses less RAM than Windows 7. It's why it's stable on micro technology and as little as 1GB RAM. It's designed with lower-end machines in mind, and not desktops, while being scalable to desktops, and even enterprise level machines.

    I use Linux as my host currently, with Windows and other LVMs.
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  14. I like Windows for my computer, but I actually like to use Ubuntu (Linux) for my server VPS...
  15. Only way I can get development work done is on linux.
    Code (Text):

    COMMAND="mvn install"
    SCP="[email protected]:x/plugins/update/"

    # cd to our designated build directory
    cd $LOCATION

    # run our build command (mvn)
    eval $COMMAND

    # begin transfer of our TARGET to remote server via SCP.
    scp target/$TARGET $SCP
    screw you filezilla

    oh and who can forget guake. terminal emulators on windows suck.
  16. In theory. In reality it is entirely different.
  17. I've tried both. Windows 10 definitely succeeded, so possibly a bit with hardware too?
    How is Ubuntu secure with months old software they won't update in their own PPA? and using a horrible package manager? now i know they're stable ye, but really any rolling release OS would be better. ElementaryOS, Arch deratives, Debian, CentOS(servers), and so on would work amazingly, but yet you recommend something which is not good at all when also thinking of all reasons which werent mentioned. I promise you, even the slow KDE neon would benefit you more, but dont please ever use it as it is as said slow as horseshit
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  18. WAS


    Ubuntu is when you don't understand *NIX.
  19. I put security in quotes, It's not very secure, but if there was a Linux vulnerability, it's quickly patched. Personally I would again recomend Ubuntu due to its beginner friendly interface
  20. Gaxan


    I wanted to dual boot to Debian, but could not get Grub to install with Debians on my m.2 nvme ssd no matter how many times i tried or how many methods I found online that I tried.

    My first Linux OS was Redhat 5.0 in the late 90's, then a couple years later I tried Mandrake 7.1. after that I just try whatever is new, and revert back if I don't like it.