How many player can I run with these specs:

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by dickeddocks, May 27, 2017.

  1. So I run my server on my computer and wish to expand it soon.
    these are my specs:
    intel i7-6700k
    500gb ssd + separate 3tb hard-drive
    32Gb ddr4 ram (I only have 10gb allocated)
    GTX 980ti

    Right now i only have 20 players allowed since I've just started working on it, but I would like to know how many player can I run with 10Gb and if I should allocate more memory.
  2. Plays no role. This sounds as a home hosting, which isn't the best idea. While your machine is rather beefy, I imagine you using the computer while you're hosting your server which is not the best idea. It'll be fine if you don't aim for a wide audience though. You could easily host ~100 players, provided that you didn't tell me what speed your internet has, so it's a shot in the dark. Ram is plenty, CPU is fine and 500 gigabytes of storage, matter fact, an SSD, is just good.

    If you could find a dedicated machine of the same power, you'd be set.
  3. I get average ~115mbps
    but why dedicated? whats the dif.
  4. Gaxan


    Angry kids, will DDOS your home network. If its just a group of friends its fine.
  5. With dedicated, you don't own the physical server. You're renting one.
  6. Oh, is it fine If I ask you which is ur fav hosting service?