How many players can a vps hold?

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  1. What are the average stats for how many players a vps can handle without any bandwidth issues?

    I'm trying to split up a vps into mini servers but need to figure out a max player count for the vps.
  2. It depends on the how much bandwidth the VPS has. What's the bandwidth?
  3. - 1Gbit connection
    - Unlimited bandwidth
    - DDoS Protection
    - Fast NVMe storage (3x faster than SSD)
    - Fast CPU ideal for Minecraft (E5-1650 v4)
    - Pre installed Multicraft & McMyAdmin
    - Pre installed TeamSpeak with 32 slots
    - Root access
    - OpenVZ Container for best performance
    - One dedicated IP for free
    - We support all flavors of Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS etc...)
  4. In terms of binary decimal let's say a player uses 256 Kbps of bandwidth, that would mean the VPS's network connection would support less than 3,907 players that could be connected to the server. It would usually depend on how many packets are being sent from the server to the players client and how many packets are being sent from the players client to the server.
  5. You can't really define the max amount, it depends on packet compression, packet size and packet flood. It's not possible to give you an accurate number without any relevant pieces of information.
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  6. This depends on which setup it has, like CPU cores, RAM. @FusionStyleFX has said, that you cannot define this. Its right!
  7. Mind sending me the hosts website?

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