How many players can I hold?

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  1. Hello people!

    I play on a private minecraft server with a few friends. This server is currently home hosted but we'd like it to be online 24/7 and thus wish to buy a hosting plan.

    I however have no clue what specs are required for whatever amount of players. I'd like to ask what you'd all recommend.

    There would be around 10-12 players at most. (Way lower usually, like 3-5)
    There are 16 plugins installed at this moment, including multiverse, but this number may increase in the feature. (Not drastically, but it might go up to 20-22)

    I own a VPS at OVH for my website and other programming projects, and I'd like to go to them for hosting this server as well. I was looking at one of these 2, but as I said I have no clue if this is even close to good enough.

    Hope to get some advice from you all soon! :)

    EDIT: I've used to see if my current VPS (VPS SSD 1) can hold it, and it says it'll be fine. I have no clue how reliable that website is though, so I'd still like some advise.

    - Finn
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  2. Is it just a single server?
  3. Just a single server with about 4-5 worlds. No fancy network or anything.
  4. I’d you plan on expanding it’d be best for going for the 4G plan, better safe than sorry and it wouldn’t be hitting the bank practically at all.
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  5. As long as the server is optimised properly this wouldn’t hold issues
  6. It's really just a private server for me and a few friends, we're not planning on being public or anything. You're right about the fact it wouldn't hurt to be safe though! :p
  7. I meant more on the plugin side of things than anything, if you plan on adding say mini games etc it wouldn’t hurt to invest in more ram so you could always add a proxy with a separate server erc
  8. I see. We might someday add a minigame, and we'll see if it holds up then. As it stands now I think I'm going with the VPS SSD 1 plan. Thanks for your advice. :)
  9. You could probably go with a shared host then. With that player amount 2GB are enough, and while you grow you can still upgrade. You can get 2GB already really cheap, and it's maybe better for the begin than getting a VPS and having to maintain everything by your own.
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  10. I've maintained a VPS by my own before so I know what to do, and I like having full control over everything, that's not a problem. :p Thanks for your advice. :)
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  11. I suggest looking into pterodactyl regardless of your experience, it’s a great panel that helps with numerous things.
  12. Immediatly intrigued by the header background. I'll definitely look into this. :p
  13. Make sure to read the OVH Part in the documentation, you need to do some stuff to have it running on an OVH machine.
  14. I already have the VPS SSD 1 plan (shown in the original post) for my website and other things I want to host, so if it can run on that, why would I rent another host? I've set it up on my current VPS and everything runs smoothly, so I'm gonna stick with this for a now. Thanks though. :)
  15. If you have direct access to the server, why would you want a panel?
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