How many players can my server handle?

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  1. I am currently paying for a 2GB Plan for my Minecraft server. I have over 30 plugins and I am using Multiverse to have a Hub world and Survival world.

    I currently have about 1.5GB RAM unused (my server isn't public yet).


    My question is, how many players would I be able to maintain on my server if I were to keep my 2GB Plan? I'd love any help you guys can give me :]
  2. Any help...please...? :/
  3. Cldfire

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    You'll need to give your CPU model and network speeds to obtain a reply to your question.
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  4. I'm not hosting it, it's being hosted from a Minecraft server hosting service, ggservers. 90% of the time, the server is above 19 TPS, if not the usual 20 that I get.
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  5. Cldfire

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    Without any players online, your TPS will be fine, of course.

    I'm just saying, without more specs you won't get a good answer. RAM is not a good determiner of your player limit.

    That amount of RAM, depending on the other specs of the shared hosting, will easily host 40+ players if properly optimized. Keep in mind Multiverse can lower that number depending on how many chunks you have loaded across different worlds.

    Your network speeds are most likely fine, the other large factor involved is the CPU. Not to mention the fact that it's shared hosting and you could be bottlenecked at any time.
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  6. I would recommend leaving them immediately. There have been some reports where they get hacked easily, have bad servers/service, give people's info away, etc.
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  7. I don't think that's the case. I've actually been recommended to use GGservers, from many different popular server owners that hold 100+ players...and I've had no problems at all so, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with GGservers. Their plans are also quite cheap, so I'm very satisfied with the service.
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  8. You do whatever suits you but I'd have to agree with razorkings. I've heard nothing but negative things about GGServers, except for their price tags.
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  9. Like who? Anyway, here are things that have happened:
    My friend was never given his server.
    Database leaks.
    Console hacked (Multicraft support told me to tell them to reinstall multicraft, ggservers ignored me and told me to change my password).
    Overselling till the servers don't start.
    Billing me $15 for a server I didn't own.

    Take a look at this: http://************
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  10. u mean ggshit not ggservers right and if Ur using them as a host Ur server Will hold about 5 people lol
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  11. Cldfire

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    Ggservers may not be a good host, but it will hold more than 5 players.
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  12. not without lag
  13. Cldfire

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    Yes, without lag.
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  14. nope
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  15. joehot200


    Although I agree with everyone else, I'd also recommend you ignore them. If you're not having issues, don't bother messing around with changing hosts. Just always make sure to have a backup, which is something anyone on any host should do anyway.

    You will need to give us the specifications of the CPU, and the network speeds, that your server is running on for us to give any sort of accurate measurement of your players. By comparison, It's like you're asking us to tell you how far a car will travel by only telling us the amount of fuel.
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  16. It comes down to multiple factors.
    • Plugins
    • Players
    • World Size
    • Entities
    • Chunks Loaded
    I'd say if you're running a plain server, you could manage 10-15 being operational.
    But, if you're having plugins and extensive add-ons then I'd recommend you upgrading your server.

    NOTE: From my personal experience, I wouldn't recommend using GGServers.
  17. Without any technical details, I'm going to guess around 35 players.
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  18. Number 1, a dedicated server of 32gb ram is aprox cheaper by $35 than ggservers. It is in pounds on this website, and did a pounds-dollars thing. no2, this dedicated server is 100% reliable. I can hold 200+players with little lag. no3, its got a good CPU and good internet. GGservers is not good in any ways, and I would recommend switching to a better host. I believe you have fallen into a dirt cheap bad servers trap. I have to say even though they are bad I am sure it could hold 20players at least before crashing, however ggservers may not be the usual services. Also they are not known for lagging, however they are known for crashing randomly when nobody is on. they seem very easy to hack, though many people who have posted comments over exaggerated. I hope this post helped. the dedicated server link is
    for more details on hosting google shared hosting vs dedicated hosting, and don't trust those calculators that they have seeing as they are not accurate. also servers depend on player resources as well, seeing as if the players have bad machines, to keep on the server they use a lot of server resources.
    please excuse my spelling and grammar,
  19. JamesJ


    This is incorrect.
    The OP is not looking for a 32GB machine. He's got 2GB.
    Secondly, dedicated machines are not always the way to go. In this case, it's not even worth it... He hasn't got any players, and unless he's got some fancy advertising proposal, I doubt he'll be hitting 100 that soon.

    Looking at the specs they state on their website, I'm guessing around 20-30 players, but your server will strain.
    I would probably recommend starting with a VPS as you'll have more control. Obviously, you can still be open to over selling, but it's not as common.