How many players can spigot(1.8.8 - 1.14.4 - 1.16) handle?

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  1. Hi, I have heard of one server administrator who was running a 1.8.8 server with 200 players, as he switched to a newer version, his server could no longer handle that amount of players due to low tps.

    Has someone a comparison between multiple versions and their ability to handle players? Thanks:)
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  2. Versions do matter when it comes to stability. You'll find that since Mojang was acquired by Microsoft, the stability of some versions has degraded, although some people say 1.16.4 is making a change to that.

    In terms of the comparisons, assume that newer != better. Most "pop-up" servers assume this, and that's exactly why they're pop-ups.
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  3. these aren't any hard numbers but these are my estimates from what I've experienced/have done before:
    1.8-1.12.2: 200-250+ players
    1.13-1.13.2: 100, sometimes up to 150 players as hell breaks loose
    1.14-1.14.4: forget this existed
    1.15-1.15.2: 50-70 players
    1.16-1.16.4 60-100*(if very lucky) players

    also note this does depend on what you are running on as well such as CPU, RAM, and Java version etc. and with 1.13+ versions it also heavily varies based on optimizations done as well, especially for 1.15+ as of this time.
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  4. You can already see the clear drop. If I'm correct the 1.12. - 1.12.2 range was when Microsoft bought Mojang too.
  5. 1.13 was the first update post-MS purchase
  6. Ah okay, well, still proves my point either way
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  7. There is totally a difference. Start time for a vanilla 1.16 server when I tested was between 10-15 seconds on my machine VS consistently under 2 seconds on 1.8
  8. Well of course load time is going to be longer.
    How many entities have been added since 1.8?
    How many blocks have been added since 1.8?
    How many items have been added since 1.8?
    Not to mention the hundreds of other new things that have to be created/loaded on startup.
    This isn't a performance thing, this is strictly just all the stuff that has to be built/loaded for the server just to run.
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  9. It heavily depends on how much hardware you're willing to throw at it. There's other factors such as optimisation as well - how long are you willing to spend fine tuning your server configuration to get the best performance and stability?
  10. We have a few survival servers on spigot 1.16.4 with 75 to 120 players during weekend peak, tps drops to 19, which i find acceptable.

    The faction server (more players and player movement, more items on floor, more flying and pvp fighting, and more worlds) went from spigot 1.15.2 to paper 1.16.2 to now tuinity because of their recent light engine update for chunks

    the creative servers are all spigot 1.16.3 (soon 1.16.4)

    and some other servers are slowly being moved to paper 1.16.4 now that i can dedicate 4gb ram at least to all of them, and 1.16 is a bit more demanding.

    using paper helps for a few things, but it's not the 'oh wow' solution everybody keeps saying it is. but i am glad there's non ticking view ditsance, a bit of anti xray, and more dupes/exploits are fixed.

    A lot of my servers are 5 users, up to 25 users. And then the rest is basically a bunch more activity (especially thursdays and saturday night)

    Installing plugins isn't always the way to 'fix lag', configuring the software you use, updating the bukkit, paper, spigot yml files and properly configuring your plugins, and running your jvm properly, can already help a lot.

    but every server is different, every server can be taken to its' knees by a single player easily, it really sucks.

    If you want 250+ players, dont use an old HDD or regular ssd, go with hardware raid nvme ssd host, and not one that cacnehs everything ..
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  11. Exactly so that would cause more stress on the server, hence not allowing as many people to play as smoothly
  12. 1.12 seems like the best of both worlds.. nevermind plugin support.. and as Microsoft sends us their updates featuring lots of new content, your players are going to be forced to stay back in time. :(
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  13. 1.12 with ViaVersion and ViaBackwards shouldn't be too bad. You get many servers doing that.