how many players could a server with 64gb ram + 4-5ghz manage?

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  1. i know there are quite a few people who already asked about this , but i would love to get some first hand anwsers from people who actually run a quite big server.. on the internet it seems like everyone says something different^^...

    so i have planed to rent a server with those specs:

    64gb ram
    3,6 to 4ghz(turbomode, 4 core) OR 3,6 to 5ghz (turbmode, 8 core)
    fast internet connection

    i know that 8 cores might be useless for minecraft but unfortunatelly there aint any 4 core servers with high ghz at my favorite vendor so i gonne stick with those at first

    i have like 40-50 plugins

    essentials, worldguard, worldedit, boss plugin, quest plugin, scoreboard, tablist, custom worldgen and some other plugins which i would place in the mid- or low category

    i would like to know how many players would be able to play on this server without lag, its mainly pvp pvm and enhanced survival i would say

    right now i think i could use 84 - 128 slots wothout lag, what do you think?
  2. What is the CPU model?
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  3. Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core
    Intel® Core™ i9-9900K Octa-Core
  4. Damn i don't know how many players you could handle, but with these specs I guess definitely over 84 - 128
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  5. 500+ easily, maybe 1,000 if you use ClearLag ;)
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  6. Thats a pretty vague answer....

    it pretty much depends on your server version...

    If your Server is medium optimized:

    Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core

    ~25 Minigame Server with 20 filled Slots
    ~4 Static Server (Big server with many people on it) with 200 filled Slots

    ~25 Minigame Server with 18 filled Slots
    ~5 Static Server (Big server with many people on it) with 100-120 filled Slots

    Intel® Core™ i9-9900K Octa-Core (The BEST CPU for big static server currently)
    ~55 Minigame Server with 20 filled Slots
    ~6 Static Server (Big server with many people on it) with 250 filled Slots

    ~55 Minigame Server with 18 filled Slots
    ~7 Static Server (Big server with many people on it) with 120-140 filled Slots

    1.13.2 is pretty bad optimized for bigger Server (100 Player+)
    1.8.8 can handle bigger Server easier than 1.13.2
    If you are using 1.13.2 i wouldnt go higher than 120-130 Slots maximum for a Server.
    If your Server is really really really good optimized you can get +10% more player...

    That's my experience and opinion...

    PS: If you are using 1.13.2, remove ClearLag.. there is an integrated method for removing such things..
    PS²: I know my English suck :p
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  7. Using clearlagg to make your server run better :ROFLMAO:
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  8. no... lol.
    A single core for that many players? Clearlagg is useless. MC clears entities every 5 mins automatically
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  9. I know you wanted specific asnwers, but it could handle alot.
  10. Clearlag's got more then one feature lol.. It can even sample memory to figure out memory leaks/GC issues causing lag.
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  11. You can set startup flags for this, but most of the time it is not needed. It ends up causing more trouble than it is worth. Better to use paper and optimize your plugins.
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  12. I am running vanilla survival server on CPU with siglecore performance similar to i9 9900k and on 1.12 it can hold 30 players but load is 80-90% on main thread, and I don't have any crazy plugins, just regular like orebfuscator, LWC, homespawn, etc. Server is on 1.12.2 and 1.13.2 will double the load (I checked), so I guess I won't have other choice than to lower server mob counts and view-distance, which now are set to 90 monsters per player (default 70) and view-distance 8 (default 10). Also I have to limit usage of big autofarms, expecially with lots of hoppers, pistons and switching redstone, they easily can eat even the fastest CPU currenly available for purchase.
  13. depends on the plugins
  14. Are you sure one could get that many servers with that many slots?

    I was worried I wouldn't be able to get 31 UHC servers with 8 slots each, but your figure is over 3 times higher...
  15. Yeah, it can.
    There are plenty of large networks who run 600 players on a single dedi at 19-20tps.
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  17. From what I've found, the amount of players the server can handle is largely dependent on what the players are doing... If there's a lot of redstone, traveling (chunk loading), or entities then you server won't reach it's full potential. Not to mention you said you want to have 40-50 plugins, all of which could be actively doing things on your server and slowing it down. If you go with the Intel® Core™ i9-9900K and do a lot of server optimization with bukkit, spigot, and paper files you could probably hold up to 100 players before your TPS drops. That is the absolute best scenario.
  18. Really? Then how do big servers handle so many players on a single instance? Isn't the i9 9900k one of the best CPUs out there for running Minecraft?
  19. Those big servers probably have a bit of tps lag. I don't think it's physically possible to have your player count in the 3 digits and still maintain 20 TPS. If I'm being honest, 18-20 TPS is really unnoticable and 15-18 is still playable. I'm sure you could get up to 150 before players notice the lag.

    At the point you break the 200 mark it's really just java being poorly optimized that's the downfall of the server.

    Edit: I have to mention I don't know much about the i9s, I'm still using an i7 but I know people who use an i9 9900k and are still struggling with lag. The CPU will always play a huge role in TPS, but it won't make or break it. You still need to tweak a lot of things on your server to make it work best.
  20. CosmicPvP is able to handle 300 - 500 players and a lot of spawners. I wonder how they must have done some insane optimization. I have an i7 6700 dedi but I only have around 20 players on at once