how many players could a server with 64gb ram + 4-5ghz manage?

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  1. Depends on how they run their server (if it's multiple servers connected via Bungee) and the version they're on, I have the Xeon 1241v3 which is within 10% equivalence to the i7-7700 and it struggles with even 20 players after following all the pinned optimization guides & Aikar's flags.

    But I'm also on 1.14.4, I was getting the same player count (and more stable TPS) with an old FX-8350 from 2012 which was never a great CPU but I was on 1.12.2.
  2. You really shouldn’t even need 64 GB of ram for a single server haha.
  3. They get 500 on a single instance
  4. What do you mean by "struggles with 20 players"? Do you have some seriously CPU intensive plugins installed or something? I know 1.14.4 has a bad reputation but still - my desktop PC could probably host more than that many players without lagging...
  5. Try this plugin, it may be of help to you:
    Assuming your lag is coming from villagers.
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  6. Bruh ClearLagg MAKES lagg xD I have my own custom "ClearLagg" xD
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  7. a good configuration in the java flag and the same plugin could make you feel 20 TPS even with 1000 players!