How many players could my server hold?

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  1. Im running a 1.14.4 SURVIVAL paper and i have the spigot’s guide server optimization.
    The world is limited to 9000x9000 with worldborder and a dynmap
    The server has 50 plugins, with some lagg clear plugins.

    This is a dedicated server. With:

    Intel Xeon E3-1245 V2 3.8Ghz
    12GB ram

    100Mbps download
    100Mbps upload

    What amount of players could i host?
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  2. Unpatched 1.14.4 tends to run ~50 players on good hardware before you start getting tps loss, the difference in the quality of your hardware would be fairly substantial considering the poor performance of your current cpu.
    e.g. The single-threaded passmark score of your cpu is 2k, and what would be considered a good cpu (3600X) has a score of 2.9k. Meaning your current CPU is essentially 69% as effective as a 3600X, we can also estimate that your max player capacity would be 69% of what a 3600X can handle (50 players). With these numbers in mind, you could probably run ~35 players before tps loss.
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  3. I would update to 1.15.2, and make sure you have some optimizations put in (refer to the first link in my signature for a great guide), you could easily get up to 50 people before it begins lagging. Even then, you could probably do more optimizations and get away with even more people, depending on what plugins you'll use and how much processing they do.
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