How many players joined your server?

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  1. I have had 91,690 players join my server. =D
    How many total players do you have?
    Quick and easy way to find out, do /baltop and look at the amount. :p
  2. CustomForms

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    Or have an SQL database record the unique players. Since we have reset our server we have had 7,500; which was a month ago. Not a lot, but it's perfectly enough for me.
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  3. LiLChris

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    On my Faction server: 21,116.

    No idea in total though, I would have to merge all the player.dat file into one folder to eliminate duplicates.
    Will try that later tonight I suppose for curiosity.

    Looking at that number then seeing amount online makes me wonder, what could I have done to improve so they stayed.
  4. md_5

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    MineZ: like over a million
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  5. 1,159,884(It's on their site=)
    Edit: Looks like they reset that amount and they now already have 471,552 joined. Geez.
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  6. Shotbows secret?


    In total, I think I am around 10K on one server, and about 30K on another. xD
  7. Bump from the dead. Still interested to see.
  8. About 3k D:
  9. Well since my server is 3 years old we are close to 1 million now :O I lost count at around ~700,000
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  10. stompzcraft, correct?

  11. yes, been up since smp first released
  12. nice, nice. ;)
  13. OVER 9000!!!!

    Actually, more like 12k, which is totally fine with me. My server is in a state of growth atm, so i am sure that will continue to increase.
  14. CustomForms

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    32k since march 21st.
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  15. ~40,000 since Mid February
  16. Wazez


    10k users,
    map is around 20 hours old.
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  17. SpaZMonKeY777

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    Total registered users: Just broke 13,000+
    Unique joins to our Lobby since April 10th 2013: 4300+

    We started on April 10th 2012, and launched our whitelisted Bungee setup on April 10th 2013. Unsure how many unique joins since the start, but we are proud of our growing numbers :)