How many players should this CPU handle

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Meldiron, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Will you overclock it?
  2. No, no overclocking.
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  3. Pretty fast CPU but it's 1.13.2 so I am not entirely sure
  4. The base frequency of that is 2.9GHz, if it's overclocked it has potential to reach 3.8GHz. If it's not overclocked, it's not a good fit for Minecraft. I'd personally suggest overclocking or getting different hardware. If possible, I'd go for an i7 6700K or i7 7700K. Since you're only running one server (if I'm correct) an i7 would be an ideal option.
  5. Turbo boost does not equal overclocking
  6. Oops, I read it quickly.
  7. Emm.. Xeon processors generally don't overclock as well. As far as I know you can only modify the BLCK. Also, it's an L variant, so it's limited to 40-50 watts. Don't recommend, nor do I think you can easily find one.

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