How many plugins your server have?

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  1. How many plugins your server have?
  2. Whenever I had a public server, around 500 globally. On my dev server around 50
  3. 38 on my bridge server
    ehh I'd say a total of about 800 on the whole network (bw, sw, kitpvp, prison, factions, skyblock, and a few others)
  4. From the 50 servers there's not a single one with less than 10 plugins.
    The most we have is 79
    The average seems to be around 55 plugins.

    A bunch of them are logging things for players, inventories, bridging to databases, rollback data, or tools to help manage a server. The rest are convenience for about 35% and the rest are the features we want for that server.
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  5. On my main server, 6.
    Developing your own master plugin is great, gives you a lot of flexibility and you can optimize a lot!
    My start time for the server is ~17s
    For the most part the other plugins are API plugins, could be argued that the functionality should be split into separate projects.
    The servers are meant to be dynamically deployed, and thus fast boot time is essential. Almost all data is stored on a external database- which reduces file size on the server file and decreases boot time.
    I also have a dynmap server which is purely made just for dynmap. Dynmap files can get pretty big and when quickly cloning and deleting server files- it really adds to the time.
  6. My server has 20-30.
  7. 0, because why do we need a server? Makes no sense, developing plugins better.
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  8. I have 3 servers, so well plugins count differs:
    main server: 97 plugins
    survival: 64 plugins
    castle wars: 54 plugins

    most of the plugins are skript addons and various API-like plugins, as most of stuff is developed in skript
  9. 33 - Practice
  10. Not more than like 60? Having like 2-3 Huge Plugin combining a lot of features.
  11. <35 on all servers (minigames)
  12. I mostly work on survival servers.

    When it's majorly or entirely public plugins, I wouldn't be too surprised to see 80-100 plugins, though one I'm currently with has ~50.
    When it's majorly or entirely custom plugins, it's usually lower, I've seen maybe 30-50. The custom project I'm working on now has 36. Many of those are APIs or utilities.
  13. I have arround 20. No need for more :)
  14. TheLightMC2

    TheLightMC2 Previously TheLightMC

    Well how many plugins have you developed?
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  15. TheLightMC2

    TheLightMC2 Previously TheLightMC

    Like 10 on my hcf server
  16. 22
  17. We have around 20 + a few Addons. Some of them are just some libs..
  18. 43 on my main space, I have been fairly ambitious
  19. About 100.
    I totally agree, but test plugin need some time other plugin or at least the plugin you develop. :D:D