How many time for a premium ressource to be approved ?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Clyx, May 3, 2015.

  1. I posted a premium ressource this night but it's now more than 8hours, and It seems that my ressource is currently waiting approval.
    So I'd like to know how long it takes ?
    Thank in advance.

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  2. Forever and 1-2 days.
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  3. Ooh ok, thank you ;)
  4. Really? :eek: Mine got approved in ~6 hours.
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  5. Well, it depends on when the admins are online. They have a real life and no set schedule.
  6. #EnSun580ForAdmin
    I be approving them plugins day and night. You already know.
  7. Z750

    IRC Staff

    Resource approval times vary widely.
    Submissions made during the week are likely to be approved in anywhere from 2-12 hours in most cases, 24 hours in some extreme ones.
    On the weekends a backlog appears and is usually handled within the first one-two days of the week.

    It's hard to be more specific beyond that as it just depends on staff availability and the number of resources there are to go through.
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