How many voting sites to use?

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  1. I’ll reward my players with in-game currency for voting for my server on voting sites, as most servers do.

    How many voting sites should I list my server on? I’ll probably list it on as many as I can find, but specifically, how many should I use on my server? I.e., how many voting sites should I ask my players to vote on for rewards using VotingPlugin?

    3? 5? 7? 10? The top 3 server listing sites are definitely,, and There are many more than that, though, such as Planet Minecraft, VoteMC, Craft List,,, and the list goes on.

    I don’t want to request too much of my players, but I still want my server to gain traction, and players will be well rewarded in-game for voting on each site.

    My server, which isn’t public yet, will have two survival worlds and two skyblock worlds. It’s a unique server whose theme I won’t spoil just yet, but it’s quite unique.

    So, how many voting sites do you recommend that I request players to vote on for rewards on my server?
    And, specifically, which ones should I go for?
  2. 5 that I have votifier linked to, then a couple more that are just there for the sake of it
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  3. I would only use as many server advertisement sites as possible, but for the ones which allow voting, only the sites which you trust your vote key with. You should also keep it lower to make sure voters don't ruin your economy or something if there are 20 links.
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  4. I recommend 3-5. Anything more and it's too much.... You don't want player's to get too many rewards from voting...
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  5. shouldnt sleep on namemc, may not be a voting site but it brings players from being the #1 skin/username site and they list top liked servers at the home page
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  6. Can you submit your server to it? If it’s not a voting site, it probably won’t work with nuVotifier, though.
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    The best listing sites that I have seen and used are
    The others really don't serve as much purpose and aren't beneficial
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  8. Nope, it will not work with nuVotifier. If you'd like to see a tutorial on this you can watch this video. :)

    Edit: The link is an intern joke as i failed to rickroll op earlier, if anyone is wondering why I posted that link.
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