How much bandwidth does a minecraft server use per month?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by MatthewKai, May 26, 2017.

  1. I have got a vps with 3000gb per month of bandwidth but apparently if you go over that it will cost me $0.05 per gb until it resets. So im just wondering how much does say a server with 5-30 players use per month?
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  2. electronicboy

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    ~3TB of bandwidth is basically plenty, fairly sure I hardly ever went over like 500G (more around 300 tbh) on a 100 slot server, and that did include a lot of twiddling with stuff like dynmap and other various things such as uploading/downloading a fair chunk for development processes
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  3. 3000GB i think you never break this line with 50 Players. I never used more than 100GB per month.
  4. JamesJ


    Highly depends on what your server is doing.

    If it's a minigames server, you're likely to use more due to the rending of player movement (packets need to be sent), particles most likely, animals, xp, items on the floor, etc.
    All of which will use up your bandwidth. But I'm sure 3TB will give you a decent 100 players, potentially more depending on what your server is doing.
    Check your nload during peak times, get a rough average of a days bandwidth usage, and *31.