How much $ in donations do you get every month?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by kyle, May 25, 2013.

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  1. I am wondering if I am doing a okay job? I get around $550 per month for a ~110 person server (creative) (

    So how much $ do you get?
  2. 30 player average
  3. No, I wouldn't say you are doing "a okay job". To me, Minecraft isn't supposed to be a business, but many people treat it as such. Never do I plan to use the money I get towards my own personal needs or wants. No matter how little or how much I make in a month, all I care is paying for any server expenses that may arise within the month. As long as those are able to be paid for, I'm fine with that.
    But it's your server, do what you want, I'm simply stating where I stand.
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  4. SpaZMonKeY777

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    That may be fine for some, but for others, running their server literally IS a full time job, and money from it is treated as normal income. Not that this is the case with most, but is for some.
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  5. Sway

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    I'm pretty sure i just get very lucky. My player base is very small and those that care continue to fork out money for server costs. I average about $600-$800 on a good month. Bad month i do about $350.
  6. I never said it was a business... I need all my money for paying bills for the server and advertising. I wanted to know where I stack up.
  7. $9001
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  8. :eek:
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  9. Minecraft servers are a part of Minecraft. We are essentially running a part of the game in which hundreds if not thousands of Minecraft players come together and play with one another. Maintaining such a thing does not run on it's own, and can in fact take up a large amount of time from one's life. I see no problem with an individual making money by devoting such an effort from people that are willing to pay money for virtual items & perks for whatever reason they desire. I am sure that 90% of all 'donators' on Minecraft servers did not in fact spend money on the server to 'keep it online' but rather for their own reason to increase their gameplay experience in some form. I know this because, I do not mention 'donating' on my server nor on my buycraft page, and instead go by the term of items & virtual goods. And I still make at times $10k+ a month. I don't see anyone complaining about games like FarmVille & RuneScape that also do the same thing that we do. Now you can say that well they have spent days if not years developing such a thing, however much of us has done the same. The only problem we all have as a server community in this matter is using the term 'donating'. I find it hard to believe that you have not pocketed a single dollar, and I am sure that if you made a few thousand a month that you would agree with this also. =] Just my opinion also, I apologize if this looked like I was insulting you or anything.
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  10. That is exactly what I try to accomplish. And I am very grateful for your response. If I can ask what server do you own?
  11. vemacs



    Hey, we're making a profit
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  12. If I could ask for average players too that would be great!
  13. CustomForms

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  14. $350-400 on a good month. Average 70 players.
  15. Outlaw11A


    $800 Last month, best month so far.
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  16. I hate to say it but I highly doubt that is an average for only 4 active players at the current time.
  17. Outlaw11A


    Wanna make a bet?
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  18. We do well with our 40-60 player average. (80-120 during peak times.)
  19. I still have a firm view that $800 on such a small player base that I have seen on your website then, yes it is highly doubtful.
  20. Outlaw11A


    Thats fine, its your opinion. I spend a considerable amount of time marketing the packages and ranks, and ensure that they have a good set of balanced rewards and benefits. If you aren't getting much, you ain't doing stuff right.
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