How much is this domain worth?

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  1. Hey Spigot community! I'm here to ask how much would this domain be worth if someone was to purchase it from me? I'm not selling it or anything, just asking for an appraisal, thanks!

    Domain Name

    Domain Information
    - Registered with NameCheap
    - Has a full year paid
    - Fairly new domain, no playerbase
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  2. What is the name?
  4. Sounds pleasant, very simple, and contains well known words. Seems like it would be a decent domain. However, if you just purchased it - that means nobody else was looking for it, or they would have bought it. I don't think it will be something you can bid off, usually people buy a domain to fit their already-chosen name, and won't want just any random domain. I think you'll have to wait until someone with that name comes around and really wants it, and then have a way for them to send you an offer.
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  5. I see your point, makes a lot of sense. I was thinking that maybe nobody actually thought about having that domain name and once they see it for the first time, they may realize it's what they wanted. Thank you for your reply though! :)
  6. Nothing
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  7. How come?
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  8. andrewkm

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    How much is it worth? Between nothing and $10.
    How much will you get for it? Depends how much someone wants it.

    There are $10 domains I'd pay $5000 for if I had the chance. (Had my eyes on a few private ones for personal reasons, owner keeps refusing all offers).
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