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  1. How much money does it take to create a server and keep it until you can keep it alone?
    Can a full RPG server be successful or the people prefer minigames?

  2. More details? You're looking at around $400 for custom plugins.
  3. Jo
  4. Where on earth did you pull that number from?
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  5. Depending on how many people are on the server you'll need more RAM etc, say for a dedi it'll cost 100
    Anyway recently I've been wanting to start creating an RPG and I'm not sure either, I have some nice ideas but I'm not sure if mini games would be a better direction to go
  6. Figuring that custom plugins are somewhat expensive, and if you wanted a unique server you would need a lot of them...
  7. Not really, having a unique server and having a custom server is different.
    Unique != Custom
  8. builds
    website (xenforo)
    It all adds up.
  9. Build > I do them
    Dev > I do them either
    Hosting > Got a server pc (Free)
    Website > enjin
    Buycraft > Free.
  10. lol enjin
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  11. Self builds > Usually extremely ugly and definitely doesnt give players a good first impression
    Home hosting > You're going to get hit offline a ton, & chances are your bandwidth will be terrible compared to that of an actual host
    Enjin > Cancerous community & not nearly as flexible as Xenforo or custom forum software
    Buycraft > $50 a month (at least) unless you want a 7.5k/m transaction limit
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  12. Thank me later, website:
    store: minecraftmarket. £15/lifetime or the free version is pretty good, unlimited everything just ads and no custom themes
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  13. What I especially look for is a general budget for a small server of about 50 people and grow little by little.
  14. GaIaxy


    That's really general.
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  15. Is it so profitable to spend?
    I thought of a simpler and smaller server
  16. Gaxan


    It's not going to cost as much as they are saying.
    Start out small and build a player base then expand.
    You don't need Xenforo, forums are rarely used unless you have 1000+ players who want to troll while they are at school or work. Use NamelessMC to start, it has everything you need.
    Start out with a 4GB server on a host that will allow you to upgrade as you need more RAM etc.
    If you are good enough to do your own builds, go for it. Builds can be more expensive than plugins.
    If going RPG, plan to shell out at least $100-$200 for already made plugins and if you want something custom expect to pay another $100+ depending on what you want.
    You can get website hosting as low as $1.50 for starting out and install your own forum.

    Starting out small, you would need roughly $500+ just to get started. Then the monthly cost may run you $30 per month or more depending on your player base.
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