How much of a setback is requiring resource packs?

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  1. I'm starting a new server, and I’ve been hesitant to include any plugin that requires resource packs. Is this dumb? Is it worth it to get better plugins even if they require resource packs? I just don’t want to handicap myself on an already difficult task.
  2. I asked our staff a while ago if they play on servers that require resource packs, and they 100% replied: No, if they required it, I stop trying to play there. And I agree with them.
  3. Is there a specific reason why? Security issues? Storage constraints? Hassle?
  4. I prefer my own resource packs for various reasons
  5. But that's still a resource pack. Just because it's your own, doesn't mean it doesnt count.
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    here's how i see it:

    if it really changes the enviornment of gameplay (custom 3d models to fit server theme, etc) then sure why not?

    if its just a resource pack that is set because the owner thing it looks pretty, then no
  7. The issue with resource packs isn't so much whether they're required or not, but rather how utterly stupid the Minecraft client is when loading them... afaik, it reloads all assets, which no matter how much RAM or how fast your SSD is, will always take anywhere from 3 - 60 seconds or more. Definitely doesn't help with the "timed out" stuff that has been appearing more often since 1.12, and even at times makes me hesitant to join my own server because of this added "join lag."

    That being said, I like my custom sounds and memes too much to stoop down to restricting myself to vanilla-only assets.
  8. If I join a server and it requires a resource pack, I instantly leave - that's just me.
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    If it's required for a specific game I know I want to play (like joining a DayZ server) I'm fine with it. Anything else, like RPG survival or factions, no way. The problem is that most resource packs just mess up the feel of the game.
  10. Makes sense, you guys have good opinions on this. I kind of wanted to make a Western-themed server, and having some guns would be nice. Not like AK-47s, but lever-actions, revolvers, etc.

    Also, can I aks y'all's opinion on something else?