How much players can my server hold?

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  1. Hey spigot,

    My question is: how much players my server can hold? Details are down below.
    I made a minecraft server on a dedicated server. The operating system that its running on is Ubuntu server.
    The processor it has is a Intel Core i5-3470 and it has 16 gb ram. 12gb is pointed to the server. Keep in mind that the ram is DDR3 and I don't know the speed of it.
    The server has 6 plugins and one of them is a big factions plugin.
    Ethernet speed:
    upload: 40mbps
    download: 250mbps

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. I think to be safe 40-50 players. Since it's not that powerful of a machine, but you're only using 6 plugins which are quite optimized and are safe to use.
  3. Keep in mind MC version will effect the performance. the 100-115 may be possible in 1.12.2, but 40-50 in 1.15.2. Also suggest optimizations to increase these numbers.

    EDIT: That site would be better if it factored in CPU speed, as that is important for the current versions of MC.
  4. MC version will be on paperspigot 1.8.9
  5. You could probably host 100+ people on it easily then. Maybe even 150+.
  6. Try 2? Try 200?

    Paper servers are not supported by this forum!
  7. Thanks everyone :)
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