How much players do you think this wil run?

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How much players do you think?

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  1. Hi guys, it's me again.

    I was wondering (since I have a lot of small minigame servers, but didn't assigned specific ram to them yet), how much players can you run of a server with 1gbps connection, on 1 core.
    CPU is Xeon E3 1230v3. With ONLY 2gb 1600Mhz ram.

    All players are in the same chunk.
    The servers loads a maximum 144 chunks. 2 plugins are used. I optimised the server, their will be no living entities in the world.
    Is this enough for 100 players? Or mehh
  2. joehot200


    100+ would be fine.
  3. Having all players stuffed into one small area will really let you drive a lot of players. You should have no performance issues at 100 players (or beyond!), unless one of your plugins are very memory-intensive.
  4. If you reach 100 players, I think your server will lag
  5. joehot200


    I personally doubt it. Mind explaining your reasons you think it would lag?
  6. @komeiji
    Yeah, can you tell me please?
  7. x_L


    That's unusual having 2gb, is it a VPS or a full on dedicated server?
    If so, what host?
  8. Glibs_ Hostgator is like that I think
  9. @Glibs_ it is for a minigame network.