How much players & plugins can This Handle?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by dawidperez, May 26, 2016.

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  1. How much players & Plugins can this handle?

    Minecraft Hosting From Clovux

    4GB Ram (4096)
    48 Recommended Players
    Dedicated IP

    and what about

    2GB Ram (2048)
    24 Recommended Players​
  2. We can't tell without more details on the hardware.
    What CPU is the server running on?

    There's also a chance this host oversells their hardware, which will make your server unreliable.
    Overselling is a very common practice in budget providers.
  3. It really depends on how resource intensive the plugins you're using are and how spread out your players are in your map. The recommended number we show is assuming your players are spread out in your map and you have around 20 medium plugins. It's entirely possible to reach higher playercounts though.

    I own Clovux, and we use E3-1245v2 CPUs.
    We have a strict zero-tolerance policy on overselling and make sure that our nodes never go above ~70% max RAM usage. We regularly monitor the CPU usage also.
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  4. That's really cool, but the last shared host owned by a Spigot member died after being called out by md_5 for extreme overselling of their hardware despite the owner making similar to your claims.
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  5. We're looking into showing some sort of status page where the CPU load, RAM and disk usage etc of our nodes can be seen in real time to make things more transparent. :)
    We hate seeing other hosts cheat/lie to their clients.
  6. I wouldn't personally go through the effort, considering stuff like that is easily faked. I'd just try to maintain a healthy relationship with customers concerning stuff like this, until proven otherwise.
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