how much ram can a oneblock server ?

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  1. Hello, how much ram can a oneblock server with 20 users occupy?
  2. Since you are not loading many chunks and most of your world is air I'd say with 8-12 GB you are good to go - obviously depending on how many plugins you are using and how they impact your performance.

    Also check out the startup parameters to use the garbage collector.
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  3. That's way overkill...
    This depends on many factors (optimisation, cpu, plugins, internet speed, etc.) but I would say 6Gb should do the trick.
  4. 20 oncurrent players would mean that he is pretty likely to expand this number to somewhat like 25-30. Depending on the plugins and other factors you would definitely need 8 at least.
  5. If hes asking for 20 its probably for a community of 20 players (private server with friends or something) If he wants to expand of course hell need to add more in the long term
  6. I just know with 1.8-1.12 you can likely do it with 3 GB Ram just fine. I'd do some experimenting and start with 3 GB Ram for newer versions as well.

    Make sure to use Aikars GC (Garbage Collection) flags:
  7. The dedicated to bentobox oneblock server we run with 12 plugins and bentobox on top, 25 ish players average in the weekend, we have it on 4gb and spigot. 1.16.5 - no issues so far.
  8. 2-3 GB Paper and good jvm flags
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    You're telling me that a 20 player one block server needs as much RAM as a 300 player factions server? No way in hell.
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  10. Show me one server that loads many chunks with several plugins on 300+ players with less than 12gb of ram^^
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    You clearly didn't pick up what I put down.
    A 20 player one-block server, doesn't need 8-12GB of RAM. It barely needs 4. You've over-shot the margin of how much RAM is required to do these things.

    In-fact, a 1.16.5 event server with over 300 players online loading about as many chunks as a 20 player, one-block minigame server only used 6.

    Edit: It was actually a 300 player server.
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