How much ram do i need for 4 worlds, 60 plugins and 20 players

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  1. Hello good people of spigot!

    just coming with a simple question.
    How much ram do i need for 4 worlds,
    60 plugins and 20 players?


    ~ McGoNelson
  2. It entirely depends on the types of worlds, plugins and players.
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  3. I would say around 10gb, if you want to have very little lag. But if the worlds and plugins are very resource-demanding, I'd increase the amount.
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  4. Splazeing


    My server can stable run on 7GB ram with 4 worlds, 75 plugins, and 60 players.
    So i'd say 7GB ram or so.
    Also depends on your hardware, try and experiment a little with 8GB ram and if thats not enough, increase it.
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  5. Might need to run some tests before buying a large package you don't need. Most server hosts can sell you a basic package and you could just upgrade later. So for now take a guess, but when you start having a player base to measure I would like to recommend this:

    Chart usage over periods of time, and then pick a more permanent package, hope this helps!
  6. Pretty similar to me, I run 60 plugins on WR with 30 players on weekends with 4GB and I still have plenty of RAM free.
  7. 4 - 6GB is perfect.
  8. 8GB Should be enough. But it depends how many Players you have, and which worlds you have.
  9. My little server uses 1gb of ram, for 10 players, 10 worlds, and 30 plugins. (has 200mb free)
    The whitelist server uses 2gb of ram for 6 players, 7 worlds, and 40 plugins. (has 700mb free)
    The creative server uses 2gb of ram for 30 players max (average is around 20), for 12 worlds, for 18 plugins (has 600mb free)
    The events server uses 4gb of ram for 25 players max (maxes out too usually) for 3 worlds for 41 plugins (has 1,5 gb free)

    There's more, but there's no need to share those, sorry.
  10. I'd say 8-12gb , but it depends on how big the plugins are.
  11. While I agree with the posts above saying 4-8 gigs, it heavily depends on the type of server - for example, factions servers will use way more ram than minigame servers because players are spread out more. It's not really the players that use up ram, it's the loaded chunks.
  12. I think 6-8 GB should be enough.
  13. 4 - 5gb. I wouldn't go above 7gb, it's just overkill for what u want.
  14. ssamjh


    So there was a mistake made at MineSwine right. We had 89 people on 1GB ram with a 2000x2000 map. Maybe not as many plugins but spigot is very powerful if configured correctly.
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  15. 4G should do the trick for sure
  16. I would use 4-8gb (mayby 6 to be exact). Also most server owners dont even think about processor, Ram isnt all you need. I was coder on server which had 200+ players and 96gb ram but it had sht processors so it lagged so much, I even told owner that lag could be processor problem but he bought new dedicated server to get more ram. with same sht processor and lag didnt end.
  17. Guys
  18. From our hosting statistics, 5GB is enough for that except if your view distance is set really really high.
  19. Gaxan


    2GB is enough for 20 players. You can effectively run 60 players on 4GB. The most important thing to remember, is if the CPU is adequate for garbage collection.