How much RAM do I need?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by GentleJokerzMC, Nov 2, 2014.

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  1. Hello guys,

    I want to know how many GB/MB ram I do need for my minecraft server. Here is the info.

    > Factions server - Average : 30, Peak : 50, Plugins : 40+/-
    > Prison server - Average : 15, Peak : 30 Plugins : 40+/-
    > Skyblock server - Average : 15, Peak :30 Plugins : 35+/-
    > KitPvP server - Average : 10, Peak : 25 Plugins : 30+/-
    > Lobby server - Average : 3, Peak : 12 Plugins : 30+/-
    > BungeeCord server - Average : 40, Peak : 70 Plugins : 5+/-

    Please leave the information of how much RAMS do I need for these servers, thank you ;)
  2. I would recommend:
    Factions: 4GB
    Prison: 4GB
    Skyblock: 4GB
    KitPVP: 4GB
    Lobby: 4GB
    BungeeCord: 1GB

    Total: 21GB

    As long as the CPU can handle it :)
  3. Thank for your comment. But why would lobby need 4GB?
  4. kill_da_trolls


    RAM is not everything. In all honesty, you'd probably be able to run all of these servers on a gig or two of RAM each with a well optimized system. Can you share what hardware you're hosting off?
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  5. SoYouStart
    SSD-3, E3 1245v2
  6. CPU? Is this for a shared host?

    EDIT: nvm, ninja'd
  7. kill_da_trolls


    That is fairly stable and relevant hardware, you shouldn't have any issues as the CPU can handle these processes fairly well. If you have any memory leaks, I'd update all of your plugins and Spigot patch as well as try to refrain from loading any plugin data into RAM storage.

    Alternatively, with Java 8 you can let it use as much as is needs, and just set an -Xmx limit.
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  8. I was about to say 3 but since there are 16-24-32GB hosting plans, I choose 4
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  9. You don't need a lot of ram to run servers if you config it right…
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  10. an SS3 from SYS is good, I have an E3-SSD4 fron SYS and I have to reccomend the triple SSD's if you put 2 of them in Raid 1 with a E3-1245 v2 and 32gb ram its perfect for a starting hub server!
  11. Truthfully RAM isnt everything. For instance, Direwolf20 is said to be needed to run off of 4 GB while i only run 2 GB and it works fine. Also it depends on how many plugins you expect to use.
  12. I got a Skyblock server with 40-60 players a day
    My server got 56 Plugins and 4GB of Ram but it still lagging and sometimes it freezes and lag. When it lag people cant do nothing exept chat. So i think 4GB of rAm wont do the job xD
  13. Timings please, what's your server IP I will come check it out.
  14. That necro... Create a new thread if you want help.
  15. I get 10 average and have a 10GB server. Not bad
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  16. lobby must have 4gb and maybe more, because if one of servers crash or something else, all that players back to lobby, and if not enough memory, lobby crash too)) not good))
  17. why people wanna start immediately big project?
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