How much RAM do I need?

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  1. Hello people! I have a server with some friends and I have a question.

    How much RAM do I need for 13 worlds, 30 plugins and 3-5 players?

    Server 1.14


    1 - Lobby
    1 - MiniGames Hub
    3 - Survival (survival, survival_nether and survival_the_end)
    1 - Creative
    2 - PvP
    1 - Sumo
    3 - Skyblock (skyblock, skyblock_nether and skyblock_the_end)

    Thank you
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  3. It really depends on how many entities are in these worlds, how resource intensive your plugins are, and a bunch of other factors. Since you're only having 3-5 players it significantly decreases the amount of ram you'll need, so I'd give a rough estimate of maybe 3-4gb and go up from there if it requires more.
  4. Thank you for your advice!
  5. Make sure you don't buy a server with slow ram (ddr4 is usually fine, ddr3 should be 1333hz). For your cpu it should have ~2.8 ghz+ (core count doesn't matter that much) so it can load in chunks at a decent rate. To optimise your server I'd recommend you to preload the chunks in your survival word(s).
  6. DDR4 is slower than DDR3. DDR4 is about power saving, not speed. The choice of CPU will determine DDR3 vs DDR4 in 99.9999% of cases.

    General rule is higher core count = slower single thread speed. And high core count dedicated to a single Spigot instance is a waste of money. Core count does matter in that way.

    Frequency is irrelevant. My old Opteron 4130's run at 2.6GHz. They're far outpaced by my i5-3317U laptop (1.7GHz standard, 2.6GHz "turbo") when it comes to Spigot. You need to look at when comparing CPUs for Spigot use. Modern CPUs are faster at the same clock speed than older CPUs (there's some P4 era chips that hit 5.0GHz, but they're not fast by today's standards).

    Chunk generation is effected by CPU speed. Chunk loading is not. If players generally don't roam around (eg skyblock worlds, players who tend to play co-operatively rather than solo, etc), chunk generation is a non-issue.
    For 3-5 players, I wouldn't bother pre-generating. Just use a CPU that can cope. If there's 5 players, there's a fair chance you'll only ever see 2 chunk generation attempts simultaneously. Pretty much any recent x86 (ie not ARM, MIPS, etc - not talking about bits) CPU will do this. My current server sits on a i3-2120 and chunk generation lags very slightly (about 1 second every 10 or so) when flying at full vanilla flying speed. That's CPU launched over 8 years ago.
  7. From Corsair (who probably know how RAM works):
  8. 8GB DDR4 will be enough for your server
  9. there may be times when you will have more players than planned