How much ram do I need?

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  1. I'm looking to host a server, but I want to know how much ram and how powerful my cpu needs to be so I can pick the right plan. Does anyone know any good estimates for needed ram and how powerful the cpu needs to be? I plan to have about 1000 players or less and your decent amount of plugins.
  2. For starters, you're not overly likely to get 1000 players on a single server. Most Minecraft servers that achieve these large player counts are actually networks of multiple Minecraft and dedicated servers.

    More often than not, you'll come across issues with the CPU far sooner than RAM. RAM has always been important to Minecraft, but it's also a highly CPU-intensive game. It's really hard to give any good estimate of how much CPU or RAM you'll need, since plugins, world size, number of worlds, player activities, and player behaviors vary widely per server. Some server owners are better at optimizing their software than others. Some plugins are better developed than others. Simply put, every server is going to be different.

    Anybody that claims to be able to reliably predict your requirements for XXX players and XX plugins or XX mods is lying to you. A VERY general estimate, sure - but at the end of the day, it comes down to your willingness to test it, optimize your server, and optimize your software.

    A good place to start is by looking at Core i7 and i9 dedicated servers. These often deliver higher per-core performance than Xeon-based servers at a similar price point, therefore offering an arguably better value for game servers. Most of these servers will come with 32 to 64GB RAM, but some may go as high as 128GB RAM.
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  3. dude, you need a core i9 with 200 different cores. You also need 200 gigs of ram for 20k players. That should come out to be under 10,000 players. You need to be ready just in case hypixal promotes you!
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  4. Celebrimbor


    1000 players on Minecraft 1.4? You probably need NSA’s computer. Might cover you if you optimize.
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  5. I meant that I would have a Bungee and 5 servers, and the total players are across all of those servers, I was extremely tired when I first wrote this thread and forgot that I wasn't going to have 1000 players on one server because that would be for crazy people or good hardware, and I understand that you can't get an exact amount because that would also be crazy, just a general estimate would be good, I wouldn't need an exact obviously.
  6. As @OSTKCabal was saying ...
    You need to walk before you can run.
    You will need at least 1 experienced server admin and a team of dedicated developers to customise and streamline any plugins before you could event attempt to get any where near 1,000 players into your network.
    (To be asking this question, you are NOT an experienced server admin)

    You should start relatively small and progress from there.
    I would reccommend around 4GB per server to start with. Streamline everything and build from there.

    You can't just throw something together and hope for the best!
  7. I get what you are saying, but I am only wondering how much it will take because "if" it gets big enough like that then I would obviously need to worry about that, I'm not just trying to just build a server make it pretty ok and then release it to the public and expect after a few days get 1000 players, of course I will start with like as many gbs as you mentioned or something like that but it isn't like I was asking this question like when I get the answer I'm going to drop $100 month or something like that for 1tb of ram, because I don't even know if I will get that much players ever to begin with.
  8. There is NO right or wrong answer, overall. (Unless it it just stupid)

    Just work it through and progress as your needs require.
  9. When it comes to 10,20 or 30 players its easy to predict RAM requirements roughly - but even then its wrong. with 1000 players it becomes impossible as every single plugin can make a drastic difference. Start by hosting maybe 4GB for 30 or so players, and when you increase needs also increase RAM.

    If you want to rush things and have unlimited advertisement money rent a dedicated server for maybe £40 with 32gb RAM from SYS, then when you hit the 200 player mark in a decade you can upgrade the RAM.
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  10. are you kidding me? a dedi w/ 32gb of ram can hold WAY more than 200 players you clown.
    perfect example:, has around 650-750 players on at peaks and they only utilize one 64gb sys dedi.
    you have zero idea as to what you're talking about, I've seen your posts and they are all pessimistic with just false info.
  11. Considering the minecraft server consistently requires more RAM with every version, than yes 32GB will not be enough in 10 years. Maybe you should consider the statement I am making before rushing to conclusions and childish insults.

    And yes I was very offended being called a clown. I prefer the word "comedian."

    You clearly have no knowledge of how various plugins work. He stated he needed a "decent amount of plugins." What is decent? 10? 20? 100? It's better to overestimate considering he claims to have the budget to host 1000+ people.

    If a person has 200 users, then they clearly can easily grow very quickly... they may need to have more RAM for an advertisement campaign in case there is a sudden spike in player usage.

    64GB for 750 players does not equal 32GB for 375 players. It does not work like that, as you have the initial plugin usage, and various plugins using various amounts of RAM for the playercount. Especially since we are considering a 5 server network with 5x the plugins of a stand-alone server.

    This you mention has currently upload_2019-8-10_20-30-1.png

    considering less than 2000 forum members, I doubt this 650-750 playercount is frequently reached.

    Now, I could investigate further but I have to finish cleaning my rubbery red nose. Good day.

    EDIT: It also said it supports 1.7-1.13 - clearly it doesn't support 1.12.2

    "Unknown Protocol Number"... very embarrassing they call it "SageCord." even mineplex doesn't hide the fact they use BungeeCord...

    And How nice to see another server breaking the Eula clearly :p
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    So, back in 1.8, I did 80 players on 2GB of RAM. Not really possible any more.

    But, let's say that with 1.4, it's 3GB of RAM. Except that 80 isn't really a round number, so let's round it up to 100. And let's presume that you're bad at optimizing or have some naughty, RAM gobbling plugins. So, let's say 4GB per 100 players.

    In which case, *=10 to both, would bring 40GB for 1000 players.

    But, as the posts above have very correctly pointed out, estimations such as this are extremely generalized, and will vary significantly based upon your specific use case.

    That said, I believe that 64GB would very likely be enough for 1000 players. Since hosts often offer 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, etc, then I'd definitely say that 32 is likely not enough, while 128 is probably more than you're going to need.

    I will again stress that this is in general - with unknown plugins, unknown optimizations, and unknown servers. That said, I hope that it gives you some vague numbers to work off.
  13. also accounting we don't know about Worlds ETC. and optimisation. I've seen situations where 4GB RAM can only handle 15 players, and I've seen where it can handle 100+ depending on various scenarios. also we don't even know the server type!
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