How much RAM is recommended to host a normal Minecraft Server

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  1. Normal Minecraft server with only hack and grief protection plugins. I plan to open it to the public so that everyone can just play the good ol minecraft.

    What is the recommended ram?
  2. depends on how many players you're aiming for, how big your map is, etc, ram isnt the only thing either you need a decent cpu if you're planning for a high player amount
  3. Forgot to mention.. im buying a host. The hardware specs they have is an E3-1245v2
  4. How big the map, i will just leave it at default
  5. lel, im guessing you got a serb from so you start? if you dont plan on running anything else on it just give it a good amount of the ram of the server
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  6. Ive never used soyoustart before.

    Ok then how about 5 gb ram?
  7. how much ram does the machine have? or are you using a shared host
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  8. For minimal plugins and a default map size, 5G is too much.
    Think of it as 1G per 10-20 players especially as the plugins will be on existent.
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  9. Its a shared host
  10. Someone offered me 1 dollar per Ram. Meaning of i choose 5 GB Ram, i only have to pay 5 dollars.
  11. Hey there, just use this for a good comparison.

    I run a sever with 35 plugins, and 3.5gb of ram accessible. With 30 players on at once, I still have 2gb or so free. Of course, this is all after I've gone mad with optimizing everything, but still.

    Who? How? 5GB is overkill for sure, but who cares at that price.
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  12. Its a private deal. Someone had messaged me.
  13. Lol i will go with 5 GB ram then. Cuz why not
  14. Yeah, for five bucks a month. Why not? Lol
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