How much ram should I have for a server with 90 plugins?

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  1. Right now, my server has 90 plugins with 4 GB's of ram. My server then crashes every 10 hours or so with players on. How much ram should I have? Or does this not even have to do with ram? What should I do?

  2. If it's crashing after 10 hours, then you shouldn't need too much more. You'll likely be fine with 5-6GB, but it's really impossible to know for sure without knowing more about your server - the specific plugins you're using, the amount of players usually online as well as at the time of crash, any errors that appeared in the console at all while the server was running (and in particular near the crash).

    Typically for 90 plugins my recommendation would be 5-6GB, however it does depend on players as well. This is of course based on averages as well - the actual plugins you are using is more important than the amount of plugins you have installed. Some plugins are far more resource intensive than others. The type of server you're running can also affect the amount of RAM in use (e.g, a survival server will typically use a lot more RAM than a creative server as there will be much more of the world loaded due to more players being in different areas of the map).

    Here's an in-depth guide that should help:

    If you need more help with this, post back here and include as much information as possible (crash report, server logs, error messages, plugins installed, etc).
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  3. Crash report:

    Plugins, errors etc are included in the crash report.

    And I run an OP prison server.

    Thanks for all the help.
  4. Like another user stated hard to really determine but I would say a figure around 6-8Gb should suit you. If crashes persist then upgrade further.
  5. Appreciate it, I've been talking around and I think I'll do 6GB.
  6. depends if all of them are enabled u can get away with i ton 4GB but add more just incase
  7. What are you saying?
  8. Servers are more likely to crash because of erroneous software than because of a lack of RAM. You should be careful when assigning RAM, more actually decreases performance because the workload of the garbage collector increases. The amount of plugins doesn't say much about how resource intensive they are, but rather that more plugins are more likely to produce unnecessary junk data.
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  9. So, what do you recommend I do?
  10. Not to increase your RAM but to double check all of your plugins if you really need them. You might be using just tiny parts of some plugins you're running, try to find alternatives that cover what you need better.
  11. Last night, I reduced my plugins to 75. I noticed an improvement. But, for the longest time, players have had trouble connecting to the server. It will kick them saying "Timed Out' on join. Do you think the server crashing and this are related?
  12. Before just adding more RAM to your server, you should actually find out which plugins using the most RAM and optimize/remove if necessary. You can do this by doing a heap dump of your server.
  13. What do I do with the heal dump? I have a plugin that makes heap dumps into .hprof files since I have shared hosting. Are there plugins that just straight up tell you what plugins are the most resource demanding?
  14. You’ll need to download a Memory Analyzer and then you will be able to see which plugins are taking up the most space.
  15. I know this is off topic but I'm just so confused... how do you have 90 plugins? I run a server with just 4
  16. Im using Eclipses Memory Analyzer, and im not sure what to do. Why does it keep looking for memory leaks? Is that what I'm supposed to do? Can you help?
  17. Wtf? Do you run a crappy survival server?
  18. no actually, its kitpvp
  19. I'm using it now, do I have to wait for some time for it to tell me what the most intense plugin is? Right now at the top is Citizens with 20% CPU usage. Is that bad or normal?