How much ram would I need?

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  1. Hello,

    I'm going to use a shared host (extravm) for my server and I'm wondering how much ram would be ideal for factions, for around 10 players? 20? 50? and if I decide to buy a slot hopefully around 100? 200? I don't really know up to how many players would be recommend for a shared host, anyone know?

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    The packages give you a suggested number of players. That can decrease depending on plugins and poor optimization.
  3. Is there a way to test this? I wouldn't want to pay for an ad and then have my server crash :(
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    Get a small package and upgrade as needed.
    I doubt you're going to overwhelm what ExtraVM provides if you are just starting out.
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  5. 2gb of ram is fine for 50-60 players with optimizations to spigot. Although for that to happen the shared host can't have some crappy processor.
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  6. Yeah thats what I plan on doing, but I might get a slot on topg and that will spike up the player count, I think.

    E5-1600 v2/v3 will that do?
  7. The E5-1600 v2/v3 will run the server just fine, however, you will most likely experience some performance drops whilst generating new terrain, having excessive mobs, etc.
  8. Thanks, even if it's shared right? and for around how many players?
  9. Any good machine with 1GB would suffice with your 10-30 playerbase. It also depends on plugins, all though I'd suggest 2-4GB's if you plan on adding more than 25-50+ plugins.
  10. Thanks for the info, say if a factions server (around 50-60 plugins) had around 100-200 concurrent players would a dedicated machine be needed? or will adding more ram be sufficient?
  11. It all depends on the machine specs

    My PC:
    4GB's of ram, that's a good amount of ram for a computer.
    1.6Ghz Processor: That's a horrible slow processor, even if I added +4GB's of ram, it wouldn't matter, my computer can hardly handle Chrome.

    I'd say an 8GB machine would be good for 50-60 players & 100-200 players, would be good.

    However, it also depends on how resource intensive your players, world, and plugins would be.

    You can always get a 8GB VPS SSD from OVH for $14.50/Month

    If you're looking into a dedicated, I suggest
  12. I wouldn't recommend using a shared host past about 60ish players and a couple handfuls of plugins. I'd say once you start hitting triple digits it's a pretty good idea to upgrade to a dedicated server. Obviously, it would need to fit your budget, I can recommend SoYouStart, it's a good starting place to get into dedicated servers. Keep in mind when using SoYouStart, they are an unmanaged service provider, so you will not get support, the only 'support' you will receive is automation to reinstall the operating system if you screw it up that badly, besides that server support is basically non-existent (Aside from hardware related issues, of course.) Minecraft is heavily CPU bound with single threads being utilized so I'd advise purchasing a server based off of this list, the higher the better.
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  13. Yeah, I forgot to say, everyone else will have different opinions ;)

    However, @Busta is still right, 100+ players (average), and you should be upgrading.
  14. 2 gigs will work fine :)
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    I'd say atleast 10MB of ram or so.
  16. Nah, they could go lower, maybe 5 kilobytes...
  17. the dewicated ammount of wam is 8gb :D
  18. You'll need around 3gb. Server cpu is way more important tbh.
  19. Honestly, Lets say you run about 120+ Players constant on a faction server and at times to 200.You would probably need about 10-12 ish gb of ram but yes at the end of the day the processor is the biggest performance factor so make sure your CPU is strong enough to support all of those players and as factions is its a game mode where allot is always happening and depending on your plugins it will decide the outcome but as always get a very strong stable CPU. (PS: I've always used Over-clocked I7's for my faction servers but honestly I think a E3 will perform fine if you're on budget.)

    ** Remember this is different for everyone taking in factors like Plugins, the optimization around them and the amount of players.**