How much RAM would u suggest for starting a semi vanilla server?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by SaitamaYT, May 26, 2017.

  1. I'm getting a server from ExtraVM
  2. I suggest the 2GB plan at max.
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  3. Gianluca

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    Depends what you mean by semi vanilla. If it's a private server and you don't need all those fancy plugins, 2GB (as @BrettplayMC said) would work. However, dependent on your opinion of semi vanilla, 3-4GB would be perfect with all those block logging plugins, anti grief plugins, and the like whilst maintaining a small playerbase at 19-20TPS.
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  4. ok thank u I will go for 4GB
  5. From my personal experience I'd suggest about 1.5GB. Or if your feeling optimistic about your server, 6GB will back you up! :p
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  6. There is no 1.5 GB plan on ExtraVM. Also, 6GB seems a bit much for a vanilla server.
  7. Well I will be using grief protection plugin since this is semi vanilla, so yea
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  8. Choco


    I ran a semi-survival server a couple years back and 2GB was always sufficient enough. I never had any issues with TPS drops or anything of the sort. I had about 25 plugins total which included GriefPrevention, WorldEdit and CoreProtect. Of course, running large WorldEdit tasks were a bit of an issue, but on a semi-vanilla server, you won't be doing much of those. If you want to be safe, 3GB is perfectly fine, but you can run just as well with 2GB of RAM.
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  9. Gaxan


    I ran 4GB on my semi-vanilla with 18 plugins. Never had a TPS issue even with 48 players online.
    You could try less and upgrade if needed.
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  10. 1 GB is probably too small for semi survival, unless you enjoy having 15 TPS. I'd probably go 1.5 if this is a mostly private place, but as said EVM only has plans by the gigabyte, so 2 GB is probably best.
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  11. latiku


    I'm sure Mike would help him out with that.
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  12. Already got my server :D 6 GB RAM and I'm happy with it :)
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