How Much Should A Dev Take For A Plugin Like This?

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  1. Hey, I have a question for all of those developers out there, I am in stage of creating a server on an idea that I have, however there is one plugin that I think is possible to make, it is based on factions therefore It would be hard to implement.

    So what plugin I am thinking of is:

    Basic faction plugin however with a twist, when a Faction owner declares a war on another Faction using a command for example (/f war f_name), The Owner of the faction that had a war declared on, has a GUI come up with in the middle, a information box saying something like (Your Faction Was Declared A War On! By {...}]

    Then at the two corners of the gui a box saying accept/decline.

    When the Owner accepts the war, both of the teams no matter what (or if possible a message comes up saying to the faction members that a war is starting for them to allow them to hide their items) both of the teams are teleported to a map created for the faction wars, there are two spawnpoints for the faction number 1 and faction number 2, they are at each end of the map...

    When the war begins both teams fight each other until 100 points (kills) are reached, the first faction to reach that goal win, (When some one dies, their items are not dropped and they are teleported back to the spawn point so they can go fight again)...

    Also a box could be implemented at the edge of the screen telling how much kills has one faction have and how much kills the other faction has..

    [This was the more important part of the faction idea]

    More could be added:

    for example, a ranking system could be added so factions know which factions is the best at wars....

    the faction member, gets a gui shown up, asking if he wants to go into the war or not....

    Hmm How Much Should a dev take for a plugin like this?
  2. This is a plugin that would take some time to create, also there are version you can currently purchase that are premium spigot plugins, although they arn't exactly what you requested they should do the job cheaper.
  4. You lost me? You asked how much a dev would be paid to make this right? And what I basically said was it would be cheaper to just buy it off spigot, to make that plugin someone would probably charge you more then 10$
  5. Hmm, But It would probably be not the same as I want it?
  6. Not exactly the same, but it will have some of the same content like /f war (name) or what not, if you dont like those plugins currently you always can contact me on skype if you still need one custom made after you review the current ones.
  7. Hmm, And how much would you take?
  8. $10 per line break in the OP.
  9. I am not really into this coding thing because, I am more of a configurator what do you mean by that?
  10. You're essentially asking for a mini game that integrates with Factions. Most mini game plugins can range from $100-$500.
  11. Was joking because you used enter so many times in the OP.
  12. This is essentially a minigame. I could see this being done for around 75-200 USD depending on who you hire