How much would it cost to code a custom crafting plugin?

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  1. I've been looking for a custom crafting plugin for a while now. I have just recently found one, and it works, but it's very buggy. I need the plugin to have NBT tags too, so you're able to craft items with custom enchantments, variables, etc. How much would I need to pay someone to make a plugin like this?
  2. As a developer a custom crafting plugin should not be too hard for anyone to code. As I don't code custom plugins for people as like a business or anything, I cannot tell you how much approximately this would cost but it should be relatively easy for any developer.
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  3. not hard, I could make one in 2 hours~ (if I were motivated)
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  4. If I had to give a rough estimate I'd say around 10-15 dollars, specifically due to the NBT tag support. But as stated above this isn't the right section to ask around. I might be able to help if you would like it, my Discord is MSWS#9499
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  5. If you want that kind of plugin, i suggest you to not bought it above 5 dollar. Its not really hard to make tho
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  6. I'm not sure what you want the NBT tags for but Craftbook (wiki is currently down :() allows for custom recipes to be added.
  7. Should be fairly easy to code, really. Shouldn't be more than a couple dozen bucks max.
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  9. Thanks for all the feedback! <3