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  1. Hey guys, I have recently been purchasing more and more custom plugins from several different developers that it has made me consider getting one long term developer for my server. I've always seen in a lot of threads in Hiring Developers sections getting replies from people saying "lower than minimum wage, low pay", and whatever else regarding the price to amount of hours of work ratio. I think people should be allowed to create threads with such outrageous prices.

    I want to pay a developer who creates quality plugins with a fair wage for the amount of work he or she puts in. So my question is, how much do you think is a fair pay per hour for a developer? (In USD)
  2. It depends on how good they are and the quality of their code. I would say at least $10 (for a decent developer), but I know people who charge $20-$30.
  3. Bump, looking for what others have or would this is a fair price to pay.
  4. I think it depends on what's being coded but, I think that for an hour the developer should be paid $10 - $20
  5. There is no rule saying "You must charge X amount", it's just a typical thing that many developers will say.

    A fair amount is just about minimum wage. Some are very fussy and I think need to be taken down a few pegs. Some are actually worth extra.
  6. If it is a monthly payment I am pretty sure you have to follow minimum wage laws.
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