How should I host a large server? 500 slots+

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  1. I want to host a large SB server, 500 players per server using bungeecord. I want it expandable up to 2000+ slots across the entire network. It'll have about 80 plugins, but it'll be very lightweight. Timings are great.

    What do I need to know/have to pull this off? How much ram per instance should I use?

    I'm currently using 16GB/ram per 500 slot server.

    Here's my dedicated specs.

    CPU: Intel i7-7700K OC - 4c/8t - 4.7GHz /5GHz
    RAM: 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
    Disks: SoftRaid 2x450GB NVMe

    CentOS 7

    Also, I do realize I'll eventually need multiple servers to host such a huge bungee network. When should I be concerned about upgrading/adding another server?

  2. General opinion around here seems to be that 16GB is too much. Sounds like many are recommending not dedicating more than 8GB per MC server to prevent issues with garbage collection. Also, are we talking 80 plugins per server? That's quite a lot of plugins!

    My biggest issue on my server has been disk IO, it's cropped up a lot in timings reports. I'm also using an OVH gaming server with SSDs. One thing I am trying right now is splitting those disks up, NOT using a soft-raid, and dedicating one of them to MySQL. Seems to be working so far.
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  3. Is using MySQL over flatfile for plugins really that good? I'm a web developer, and I've seen SQL get pushed real hard on a dedicated from just 300 people accessing an ipb forum at once. I'm quite the skeptic when it comes to sql. Devs should really switch over to mongo.
  4. I've been wondering the same question and been trying to research it for a while. I don't want to derail this forum thread, but whether to use MySQL could be helpful for OP.

    My findings have been that MySQL is mostly beneficial when A) Your data is very small, like single numbers or words (or files under 256KB), B) you have a large amount of the same type of data, and C) your data is often manipulated in some way, like searching for data entries with some value that is the same.

    Based on this, block loggers likely greatly benefit from MySQL, since searching for all activity within a certain time and by a certain user is easy with indexed data, but would take forever with a sequential read of a single file, or single folder of files. A forum likely also benefits when it is large like Spigot, because similar searches take place - displaying all posts related to a thread, or searching for all threads with a certain name.
  5. I feel like 16 GB for 500 players is too little
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  6. Tux


    Yeah, uh, no. The right database setup and tuning will easily handle 300 people accessing a forum at once. Any serious system needs tuning.

    MongoDB is a pretty poor fit for any serious solution unless you don't really care about the data stored on it (and it's had serious performance issues... hello global read-write lock!) And who would want that?
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    16GB is a bit excessive. I wouldn't exceed 8GB without knowing you really need the extra memory. I suggest doing some serious tuning anyway to make it all work, i.e. Aikar's flags and editing spigot.yml, which will get you to 20 TPS unless under extreme conditions.
  8. I feel like you like to recommend a lot more ram than needed. I was helping a server with 500 players and 130 plugins absolutely not optimized and they were running fine on 6-8GB, if you would dedicate 32GB memory to a server it would perform horribly because GC would not run anymore like it should and other clearing processes don't run. The CPU is much more important than the memory.

    With such a high amount of players, I would suggest to really care about what you are doing when I was working for a network with 2000-6000 players nothing was left to chance. If you really want to go serious about having everything secure I would suggest getting a storage server to run stuff like MySQL on, that server should be set up with a Hardware RAID 10 configuration to avoid any data loss.

    I'm not exactly sure what OVH has to offer and what you could do with them, but I'm sure they are able to provide solutions for that.
    For your next machine, which you will definitely need I would look at the 8700K.
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